TED NUGENT (feat Meat Loaf) – Free For All [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered Expanded Edition] *EXCLUSIVE*

TED NUGENT (feat Meat Loaf) - Free For All [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered Expanded Edition] *EXCLUSIVE* full

More classic TED NUGENT with this “Free-For-All” digitally remastered and expanded edition done by Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records specialists.
“Free-For-All” was the second solo album from the gun-totin’, rottin’ tootin’, self-styled Motor City Madman, the inimitable Ted Nugent, and his first platinum release, hitting the US Top 30 and UK Top 40 upon its release in 1976.

Although originally recorded with long-time Nuge’ collaborator Derek St. Holmes behind the mic stand, a conflict of differences led to the lead vocals being recorded by the then unknown rock behemoth, Meat Loaf.
A full year before the album ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ brought him international success, Meat Loaf was brought in by producer Tom Werman to sing on the album.

Meat Loaf was paid the sum of $1,000 for his contributions to the album, which included crafting all of the vocal arrangements and two days of recording sessions. He says that after he agreed to do the album he was sent a lyric sheet containing just the words with no arrangements. Having no idea what the songs were going to sound like, he nonetheless created the vocal arrangements for every song.
And the results worked greatly.

Meat Loaf contributed vocals to ‘Writing on the Wall’, ‘Street Rats’, ‘Together’, ‘Hammerdown’ and ‘I Love You So I Told You a Lie’, though St. Holmes did make the cut for the single release of ‘Dog Eat Dog’.
St. Holmes returned to the group after Free For All’s release, performing on the subsequent tour.

Among the highlights there’s a really good Meat Loaf power performance on the heavy, melodic “Together”. It has become one of my favorite Nugent songs.
Also, the title track is one of Ted’s all-time best as well, as Ted takes over both guitar and vocal duties. “Free-For-All” has a vicious, monster groove.

This remastered reissue includes three bonus tracks; the title track ‘Free For All’ and ‘Dog Eat Dog’ both recorded live, plus the original, alternate version of ‘Street Rats’ with Derek St. Holmes on lead vocals, recorded before Meat Loaf’s brief tenure in the band. This bonus version of “Street Rats” w/ Derek St. Holmes on vocals blows the doors off the album version.
Very good, bright remaster on this kickin’, rockin’ roller album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Free-For-All
02 – Dog Eat Dog
03 – Writing on the Wall
04 – Turn It Up
05 – Street Rats
06 – Together
07 – Light My Way
08 – Hammerdown
09 – I Love You so I Told You a Lie
10 – Free For All (Live)
11 – Dog Eat Dog (Live)
12 – Street Rats (Alternate Version Derek St. Holmes on vocals)

Ted Nugent – guitars, lead vocals (tracks 1, 10), percussion, bass
Meat Loaf – lead vocals (tracks 3, 5, 6, 8, 9)
Rob Grange – bass guitar, bass phase effects
Cliff Davies – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Derek St. Holmes – lead vocals (tracks 2, 4, 7, 11, 12), rhythm guitar



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