BUCK DHARMA – Archive [unreleased & rarities 3xCD digitally remastered] *Exclusive*

BUCK DHARMA - Archive [unreleased & rarities 3xCD digitally remastered] full

Donald Bruce Roeser more commonly known by his stage name BUCK DHARMA, is one of Blue Öyster Cult founding members and wrote & sang the lead vocals on many of the band’s best-known hits, including “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” “Godzilla” and “Burnin’ for You.” In the early ’80s Dharma need some room to express other musical ideas and ending releasing a solo album.
As requested, here’s the BUCK DHARMA ‘Archive‘ album series including material he recorded at the time but never released. The 3-CD contain original song demos for legendary songs like “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” and “Burnin’ for You” as well as unreleased recordings like “Devil’s Nail” and “Pack of Lies”.
The discs also show you the more melodic side of of the musician, all featuring the songwriting finesse and guitar virtuosity of Buck Dharma and complemented with various audio oddities, jams and humorous songs.
All tracks were digitally remastered by Buck himself in his home studio.

All vintage analog tapes were “baked” to restore playability, digitized and mastered to 16 bit CD at the final stage of the process. One of the recorder pictured into the booklet is the Ampex ATR 700, a stereo machine made for Ampex by TEAC in the late ’70s and early ’80s. It’s a two track recorder using 1/4″ tape and was available with both 1/2 and 1/4 track heads.
It became Buck’s stereo master recorder when he acquired one during BÖC’s endorsement of Ampex, and it was used extensively in remastering these archive recordings. Almost all of the better sounding demos from the ’80s were mixed onto this machine.
The booklets feature a track-by-track description with the history of the recording.

There’s a lot to enjoy here from the atmospheric early version of ‘Shooting Shark’, the AORish ‘Stone of Love’, to the primo melodic rock circa 1982 on the different ‘Spy in the House of the Night’, and of course the very original version of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ which worth this collection alone.
Highly Recommended


Archive Volume I
1. Hot Date *
2. Here Comes That Feeling *
3. Burnin’ For You (Buck’s original demo)
4. Hold Me Tight (Buck’s original demo)
5. 2120 Revisited *
6. ECPI *
7. Shooting Shark (Buck’s original demo)
8. Killer *
9. Pack Of Lies *
10. Cold Wind (Buck’s original demo)
11. You People Had Enough? *
12. Don’t Fear the Reaper (Buck’s original demo)
13. The Premier of B.C. *

* unreleased song


Archive Volume II
1. Stone of Love *
2. Godzilla (Buck’s original demo)
3. Deadline (Buck’s original demo)
4. No Traffic (Buck’s original demo)
5. I Love the Night (Buck’s original demo)
6. Mirrors (Buck’s original demo)
7. Wind, Weather and Storm (Buck’s original demo)
8. Spy in the House of the Night (Buck’s original demo)
9. Ayatollah (Buck’s original demo)
10. Devil’s Nail (Buck’s original demo)
11. Come Softly (Buck’s original demo)
12. Lost Lenore *
13. Boogie Woogie Bagel Bun *

* unreleased song


Archive Volume III
1. Heavy Into Ross
2. Nightmare Epiphany
3. Blues For Sandra
4. Don’t Fear The Reaper (acoustic version)
5. Gamera Is Missing
6. Fall At Your Feet
7. Secret Road
8. Loofah
9. Real Estate Attorney
10. I’m Alive
11. She Do To Me
12. Rudy
13. Trk II 1980

all unreleased


Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards – “Buck Dharma” Roeser
Drums – Albert Bouchard, Chuck Burgi, Ron Riddle
Bass, Keyboards – Jon Rogers
Keyboards – Jon Rogers (4) (tracks: 8)
Producer – Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser
Vocals – Dick Trismen, Sandy Roeser


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    BOC is one of my favorite band.Buck is great guitar player.This is an amazing sharing to me.Thank you so much…

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