HANOI ROCKS – Million Miles Away [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered +7]

HANOI ROCKS - Million Miles Away [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered +7] full

With the just released Michael Monroe ‘best of’ double disc, one of you asked for HANOI ROCKSMillion Miles Away“, a compilation only released in Japan back in the ’80s. This recent remastered version on SHM-CD includes no less than 7 bonus tracks.

The good thing about this compilation, other than the cool album cover, is that many Hanoi Rocks tracks appeared on CD for the first time.
You know, this is not exactly a greatest hits release, there’s many ‘inside tracks’ from Hanoi Rocks discography here, turning the listening experience more regarding for those who already know the band.

Additionally, there’s 7 bonus tracks, rare pre-production demos that never made it into an album because Hanoi Rocks exploded and disbanded in 1985.

HANOI ROCKS - Million Miles Away [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered +7] back

This Japanese remaster on SHM-CD sounds great and this Carboard-sleeve / LP-replica is really cool. It’s a Limited Release so if you’re interested for a copy hurry up.
Highly Recommended

01 – Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
02 – Malibu Beach Nightmare
03 – Ice Cream Summer
04 – Oriental Beat
05 – Don’t You Ever Leave Me
06 – Tragedy
07 – Love’s An Injection
08 – Underwater World
09 – Two Steps From The Move
10 – Under My Wheels
11 – Up Around The Bend
12 – Million Miles Away
13 – Cheyenne
14 – Life’s Been So Hard
15 – Menaced By Nightingales
16 – Shame, Shame, Shame
17 – Fast Car
18 – Heart Attack
19 – Rock & Roll
20 – Lean On Me

Vocals, Saxophone – Mike Monroe
Bass, Vocals – Sam Yaffa
Drums – Gyp Casino, Razzle
Guitar, Vocals – Andy McCoy, Nasty Suicide


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