VIXEN – Rev It Up [Japan remastered] Out Of Print

VIXEN - Rev It Up [Japan remastered] Out Of Print - full

VIXEN albums are pretty hard to find, even more the Japanese releases. But we get both for all of you whom requested these terrific Melodic Hard Rock records. Vixen second effort “Rev It Up” was remastered in 2006, turned out of print and never reissued again. And before someone ask, indeed it was remastered, just give it a listen.

“Rev It Up” is generally considered a lower echelon than the hit self-titled debut, but for my Melodic Hard Rock ears, this second album is equally good, and even superior.
The first 5 tracks on this album are terrific, a definition of the genre in terms of sound & production, which again, as on the debut, is huge.
This time with most the tracks written by the band members, Vixen rocks with ultra-polished anthems such as the killer title track (co-written by Ron Keel).

But also the great and underrated Steve Plunkett (Autograph) – one of the best songwriters from the era – helped with some tracks like the monster ‘How Much Love’ and the uber-catchy ‘Streets in Paradise’. And we have a superb power ballad in ‘It Wouldn’t Be Love’ penned by specialist Diane Warren.
Vixen is my favorite all-female rock band of all times. Janet, Jan, Roxy and Share had it all and I easily fell in love. No other female rockers looked that great, but what made them really stand out was the quality of their songs (of which a great deal was co-written by the girls themselves) and the right bunch of people behind them at the right time.

VIXEN - Rev It Up [Japan remastered] inside

“Rev It Up” is an impressive Melodic Hard Rock album and one of the best from the golden era (female-fronted or not) melodic, catchy and perfectly produced.
As happens with the self-titled debut this Japanese remaster sounds incredible, believe me, unfortunately now out of print.
A Must Have

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V I X E N 「 レヴ・イット・アップ 」

01 – Rev It Up
02 – How Much Love
03 – Love Is A Killer
04 – Not A Minute Too Soon
05 – Streets In Paradise
06 – Hard 16
07 – Bad Reputation
08 – Fallen Hero
09 – Only A Heartbeat Away
10 – It Wouldn’t Be Love
11 – Wreckin’ Ball

Janet Gardner – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jan Kuehnemund – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Share Pedersen – bass, backing vocals
Roxy Petrucci – drums, backing vocals
Michael Alemania – keyboards


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