PRiSM – Armageddon [Canadian Collector Series remaster]

PRiSM - Armageddon [Canadian Collector Series remaster] full

As requested, here’s more PRiSM, and their third studio album ”Armageddon” in its ‘Canadian Collector Series’ remastered release. Produced by legendary Bruce Fairbairn – who received the Canadian music industry 1980 Juno Award for ‘Producer of the Year’ for the album – and engineered by guru Bob Rock, ”Armageddon” is an incredibly quality LP, for many PRiSM’s finest moment.
Including songwriting & arranging handled by future star Bryan Adams and his partner Jim Vallance, ”Armageddon” had it all: commercial choruses, impressive pompy AOR melodies ala STYX, and progressive elegance.
There’s no doubt that if Canada would have had a better marketing system for music in the ’70s / ’80s, PRiSM would have become a worldwide sensation. The band is one of our all time favorites. Period.

”Armageddon” was crucial in PRiSM’s commercial development. The band had already released two successful albums, both reaching platinum status in Canada (100,000+ units sold). But they had yet to break into the US in a significant way and were only an opening act on the Canadian arena rock tour.
”Armageddon” was expected to be their breakout album, elevating the band to international success and a concert headline act.
But unfortunately, despite all the local commercial success, the band’s record label, GRT Records, filed for bankruptcy in the same year of the album’s release.

The highlight here is the title track, with lyrics about the end of the world, but the pearl is the music. It opens with the drums playing rhythm and is accompanied by the bass playing the accompaniment. Then the melody hits with the keyboards entry, and it is beautiful. Most subtle of all is the harmony on guitar, and once the guitar hits the melody begins to flux in the most perfect way. Adsd to that the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra string arrangements.
“Armageddon” does not feel like a seven minute forty-six second song. It flows so swimmingly and so pleasantly that time just seems to fly by. That’s the sign of a really good song, which makes it all the more charming that it is about the war and the end times.

“Night to Remember” is a simple but elegant ballad aimed at the teenage crowd, eventually becoming Prism’s highest-charting single on the Canadian charts, reaching number 11. “Virginia” chugs along with its locomotive-like guitar riffs; “Mirror Man” sparkles in an abundance of synthesizer; and Bryan Adams’ “You Walked Away Again” is spotless because of its pop/rock amiability.
The other three tracks are anything but leftovers, combining Ron Tabak’s voice with the rest of Prism’s accomplished instrumental output.

”Armageddon” is by far PRiSM’s most complete album, with the band sounding faultless through all of the eight tracks. The songwriting is sharp and thoughtful, there’s an even amount of guitar and keyboard interplay, and, on the whole, the album sports a sturdy, mature feel. More importantly, Bruce Fairbairn manages to elevate the band slightly above the arena rock norm.
A pearl from the always impressive ’70s / ’80s Canadian rock music factory.
Highly Recommended


01 – Comin’ Home
02 – Jealousy
03 – Virginia
04 – You Walked Away Again
05 – Take It of Leave It
06 – Armageddon
07 – Night To Remember
08 – Mirror Man

Ron Tabak – vocals
Lindsay Mitchell – lead guitar
Al Harlow – rhythm guitar, bass
John Hall – keyboards
Rocket Norton – drums
Peter Bjerring – string and horn arrangements
The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra



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