WHITE TYGËR – This Is The Life (2022)

WHITE TYGËR - This Is The Life (2022) - full

British hard hitting fun classic hard rock band WHITE TYGËR originally formed in 2015 playing tribute to the greats of Classic Rock such as AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue and more but it wasn’t long before they started introducing their own songs and secured a large fanbase. They have spread out across the UK and abroad and even landed some impressive support slots, opening for the likes of Love/Hate, Vince Neil and Chris Holmes (WASP).
Now the time has come for the Tygers debut LP: “This Is The Life“, a fierce mix of Old School Hard Rock from the 80’s and early 90’s plenty of kick ass riffs & solos and that classic vocals from the era.
There’s a lot of young musicians / bands doing this classic stuff again (fortunately) but few are able to capture that ‘atmosphere’ like WHITE TYGËR. That ‘wet’ guitar sound, the way to punch the choruses, that ‘LA smell’… despite their name, the band isn’t sleazy / sleaze, but furious hard rock with a Hollywood aggression and street melody.

The opening track ‘Permanent Vacation’ immediately takes you back in time – to the Hard Rocking late 80’s era for a sure footed robust and muscular sound that can’t help but trigger a little early Skid Row – replate with high screams, that bass-driven groove (that Rachel used so well to drive a song), not to mention searing guitar and solid backline, it makes all the right moves and all the right sounds. The vocals of Nip ‘Tyger’ Turner slip in and the lyrics are only interrupted for more unrelenting shredding. Brilliant opener, that twisting guitar is crushingly superb.

‘Heartbreak Hotel’ (no, not that one) slams on the pedals with decisive stomping. More melodic and rising vocals, while the sticks of Jack Ryland Smith (Ex Gin Annie) and Ste Timmins on bass, cement the foundations. Thudding and inventive as it shifts into a range of gears. The same can be said of ‘Runaway Bride’, as Nip hardly stops for breath, the speed is incredible and he’s backed up with a band that are of a dangerously high standard. Think the heavier side of Crazy Lixx.
‘Midnight Lovers’ is a track with layers of pure caressing tones. It rolls evenly and offers a warm and easygoing chorus. It’s another winner this time with the boy meets girl story that Bon Jovi and you know who fell back on lyrically from time to time.

A ballad of significance ‘Forever And Always’ has all the character of those anthems by Tyketto or FM with enough guitar interaction to boost the levels, again it’s quite a powerful statement. We’re back in the groove for the lyrically aggressive ‘Skum Town’ which has a great drive and the sort of gang vocals that made the Sunset Strip such a rocking place.
It’s followed by the wonderful ‘blue sky’ rocker ‘This is My Life’ which is a real sing along rocker and one of my highlights here. The Metallic ‘Speed Demon’ ups the pace nicely and retains the great backing vocals. It’s a great ride to the end of the track before the final word goes to the growl of the “Steel Panther with a straight face” lyrics of ‘No Fucks Given’. Whatever your taken on the un-PC lyrics it’s another great song on an album that wouldn’t know a ‘dud track’ if it fell over one.

Before I listen the record I wondered if it was the old Mark St John band but of course the spelling is different. I also wondered if it would sound like a sleaze act purely based on the name.
What you have here is a band that take the best of ’80s hard rock and make it their own. A band that sound remarkably cohesive, a production that is both clear and crisp, and a collection of songs you feel have been road tested and honed to perfection. It’s a great record, and one that would have been huge 30+ years ago.
A stunning debut. Highly Recommended


01 – Permanent Vacation
02 – Heartbreak Hotel
03 – Runaway Bride
04 – Midnight Lovers
05 – Forever and Always
06 – Skum Town
07 – This is the Life
08 – Speed Demon
09 – No Fucks Given

Nip Turner – Vocals/Guitar
Chris Hingley – Guitar/ Vocals
Ste Timmins – Bass / Vocals
Jack Ryland Smith – Drums



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