CHRISTINA SKJOLBERG - I'm On Fire (2022) - full

A natural blonde, female left handed guitar player is a rare find in itself, but with talent and skills to match the best of the breed, CHRISTINA SKJOLBERG really is a unique package that’s hard to match. Born and raised on the island of Smøla outside Kristiansund on the Northwest coat of Norway, at very young age Christina left a solid impression after visiting many of the blues clubs in the country. Since then, she never stop.
Member of stupendous band BLUES CARAVAN, Skjolberg has solo career as well, and now she’s releasing her new solo album “I’m On Fire“, a funky bluesy rockin’ collection of songs where the musician not only showcases her impressive guitar skill, but also how well sings.
Christina Skjolberg sports a Jimi Hendrix tattoo on her shoulder, and this is very clearly an important element behind the guitar licks on “I’m On Fire”. We like a lot the production sound here: not ‘airy’ as most blues-based records, but crisp and big, pretty ’80s with huge drums and reverb.

“I’m On Fire” consists of good rocking, optimistic tracks with a catchy delivery. These songs generally uses Skjolberg’s upper vocal register to yelp out couplets against a backdrop of steady, simple rhythm and she’s tight guitar playing.
While Skjolberg’s music is marketed as Blues-Rock, to our ears “I’m On Fire” is pretty ‘melodic hard’ as well, especially due the production design. She has a strong voice too, mature, and fills the songs with the right touch each time.
A musician you need to check out, and an album that may surprise you.
Highly Recommended


01 – Sugar and Love
02 – I’m On Fire
03 – Beautiful
04 – Strange Man
05 – Girl Power
06 – Bam Bam
07 – Liar
08 – Magic Box
09 – Yesterday
10 – Don’t Slow Down

Vocals, Guitars – Christina Skjolberg
Bass, Backing Vocals – Tore Slattsveen
Drums – Miri Miettinen
Keyboards – Harri Taittonen



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