PAT TRAVERS BAND – Go For What You Know [Japan SHM-CD remastered] out of print

PAT TRAVERS BAND - Go For What You Know [Japan SHM-CD remastered] out of print full

PAT TRAVERS and his band first albums were, and still are, very influential. These, in a remastered Japanese limited edition on high quality SHM-CD, are ones to get (unfortunately out of print).
One of you asked for ”Go For What You Know”, a hot, rockin’ arena live recording you need to hear.
The Canadian guitarist stormed the rock scene with incendiary performances always featuring a top notch line-up as backing band and pretty much capturing the live effervescence into the studio.
Tommy Aldridge, Carmine Appice, Pat Thrall, future Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, Clive Edwards, Mick Dyche, Peter “Mars” Cowling, Barry Dunaway, Jerry Riggs, Michael Shrieve, Rodney O’Quinn are some of the noted musicians who have been members of the Pat Travers Band through the years.
Mr. Big’s guitarist Paul Gilbert has referred to Travers as a “guitar god”, and Kirk Hammett of Metallica has mentioned him as one of his favorite guitar players.

Captured on tour in the US in early 1979 and produced by legend Tom Allom, “Go For What You Know” made Pat Travers a household name in America. It reached platinum status and his version of ‘Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)’ gave him a Billboard hit single.

At the time, the Pat Travers Band featured the guitar tandem of Travers and Pat Thrall. The duo of Travers and Thrall bridged the gap between the “dramatic changes” in metal in the late 1970s: Travers emblematized “the blues-rock sound of sixties and seventies metal” whereas Thrall’s playing represents the newer wave in metal (represented by Eddie van Halen): “The combining of the two players’ solos during this time showed a rare detente between two generations of hard rockers and, although short-lived, it was extremely exciting.
That’s why ”Go For What You Know” is so hot, and influential.

Oh, and don’t forget Tommy Aldridge, a rock drumming pioneer called “the definitive double bass drummer” on the basis of this album. This man is simply unbelievable hitting the skins.

This mini-LP release replicates the cover artwork of the original UK album and features the sticker “LIMITED EDITION FIRST 10,000 COLOURED VINYL”
Highly Recommended


01 – Hooked On Music
02 – Gettin’ Betta
03 – Go All Night
04 – Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
05 – Stevie
06 – Makin’ Magic
07 – Heat In The Street
08 – Makes No Difference

Pat Travers – guitar, vocals
Mars Cowling – bass
Pat Thrall – guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Aldridge – drums


Out of print

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