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To be released the next week ”Radiance” is the highly anticipated new studio album by one of the leading Rock Bands worldwide! THE DEAD DAISIES have gone from strength to strength since the release of their self-titled album in 2013. They have released five studio, one live and one covers album to a growing army of fans around the world and are praised by the global media in an era where Rock has been declared dead time and time again.
The first half of 2022 has seen drummer extraordinaire Brian Tichy return to the fold, writing and recording a new album with Producer Ben Grosse in LA. Strap yourself in people, ”Radiance” is ten tracks of pure unadulterated hard rock.
The thunderous rhythm attack of guitarist David Low, is accented by Doug Aldrich’s lightning licks and fretboard tease. Glenn Hughes’ rock-solid bass grooves and unmatched vocal intensity are backed up by Brian’s pulverizing beats which only intensifies the fire.
This album is going to radiate some heat and take you on a rockin’ ride…

The Daisies started their next chapter in 2019 welcoming Glenn Hughes, also known as “The Voice Of Rock“. Glenn took over lead vocals and bass guitar, joining guitarists Doug Aldrich and David Lowy. The monstrous, hard-hitting, powerhouse drummer, Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/ Whitesnake) has returned to the line-up for 2022. With the addition of Glenn Hughes, The Daisies supercharge their front line through his rock solid bass grooves and unmatched vocal intensity.
As all fans know, the man is a true original, inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, with a rich history of music that features heavy weights like Deep Purple and Black Country Communion as well as a successful solo career.

When the needle hits the groove for ‘Face Your Fear’ and the guitar bursts in, your know that 2022, already a great year for rock and roll, is going to get even better. There’s a determined thrust to ‘Face Your Fear’ that maintains the swagger of the Corabi years and adds that cool ‘Deep Purple meets Whitesnake’ slow burn bluesy rock that is at once timeless and primal. This is the sort of music that can make the young pick up those guitars and the old remember how great Rock and Roll is eternal.
The slow build to ‘Hypnotize Yourself’ and the jagged and forceful chorus that punctuates it, is all power and passion. It’s a song that sees Hughes at his simmering best. If you love your Classic British Blues rock and all the heat and swagger that generates then you will love this.

The wonderful ‘Shine On’ (not a Humble Pie cover) bursts out of the tracks to complete that terrific ‘three shots of rock’ opening to the record. It has a chugging steam-train of a riff that bulldozes its way out of the speakers before a clever half-time chorus shift and clever riff showcase the oh so simple hook.
It’s followed by the chugging rock and roll crawl of title track ‘Radiance’. The guitars are smothering in this song, but they have to be in order for the drums to have something to work against. After all, without the foundation created by the distorted melodies in this track, I don’t think the vocal would sound nearly as driven as it does beside the beat – which is arguably what makes the most exciting friction in the mix.

‘Born to Fly’ opens with big drums which are quickly shot through with guitars and an active riff that backs Hughes vocal as we slide rather than soar into a wonderfully uplifting refrain to close out the record.
Half way in it already looks like another winner from The Dead Daisies.

‘Kiss the Sun’ has a mammoth deep groove, and it’s rather a departure from what we’ve has so far, well at least initially, before a wonderfully lithe chorus lets that sun in. ‘Courageous’ adds a kick of funk to slide in bed with with the rock and roll, and a couple of songs in it’s clear that the ‘second side’ of the new record sounds a bit more like a Hughes-driven beast.
‘Cascade’ has the kind of thrust and stomp you can feel coming before you see it and is a wonderfully assured ride but the real standout for me of the second half of the album is ‘Not Human’ which just gets it all right: a amid-tempo rocker with dynamic lighting, intrigue and which makes you feel that you just boarded a rollercoaster and simultaneously forgot to check the seat belt because of that nagging doubt you left the gas on!

And that sadly just leaves the one remaining track: ‘Roll On’ another of the real gems is a stripped back rocker that allows Hughes to shine: soulful, heart wrenching and wonderfully orchestrated it’s a song I could see bothering the charts if those things matter any more.

Needless to say it’s another great record from The Dead Daisies which at times hits the real high watermark. Live on stage I can only imagine these sounding even bigger.
One might say: “They don’t build rockers like him anymore”. Followers can expect more High-Voltage Rock songs, indomitable grooves and spellbinding lyrics, all the ingredients that have made this music so timeless, out-living trends of the modern day.
The sound of The Dead Daisies is entrenched in the Hard Rock way of life we all love but as a living, breathing rock band, they are constantly evolving & bringing new dynamics to a classic style.
Highly Recommended


01 – Face Your Fear
02 – Hypnotize Yourself
03 – Shine On
04 – Radiance
05 – Born To Fly
06 – Kiss The Sun
07 – Courageous
08 – Cascade
09 – Not Human
10 – Roll On

Glenn Hughes – vocals, bass
Doug Aldrich – guitar
David Low – guitar
Brian Tichy – drums


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