MARILLION – Be Hard On Yourself (2021) HQ

MARILLION - Be Hard On Yourself (2021) HQ full

Be Hard On Yourself” is the first brand new MARILLION song / 3-track EP in almost six years, an advance for their upcoming album ”An Hour Before It’s Dark”. With the track’s stark environmental warning, Steve Hogarth & Co. continue delivering some amazing music.
On first listen this gives me such strong FEAR vibes, obviously thematically but also sonically with Mark Kelly’s keyboard sounds. I love the darkness of the chord progression (it reminded me of the intro to Between You and Me from Anoraknophobia) and I really resonated with the themes.


01. Be Hard on Yourself (I) the Tear in the Big Picture
02. Be Hard on Yourself (II) Lust for Luxury
03. Be Hard on Yourself (III) You Can Learn

Steve Hogarth / lead & backing vocals, keyboards, percussion
Steve Rothery / lead & rhythm guitars
Mark Kelly / keyboards
Pete Trewavas / bass, backing vocals
Ian Mosley / drums


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