ZAR – Sorted Out [Japanese Edition] out of print

ZAR - Sorted Out [Japanese Edition] out of print full

As requested, here’s ZAR album ‘Sorted Out‘ in its wonderful sounding Japanese CD pressing. The band’s previous album got the terrific vocals of John Lawton which gave the music a strong melodic sense. For this second effort, ZAR enlisted shouter Tommy Bloch, a much more metal oriented singer, and as result, the material comes out heavier, punchier, with a certain BONFIRE or PRETTY MAIDS edgier side.
‘Sorted Out’ manages to rock hard, harder than the preceding outing, continuing the tradition of slow/mid pacers, and all all round great songwriting prowess. I must admit, I was a little turned of by the prospect of the album, upon hearing the band had parted with Lawton whose performance on the debut had been exemplary, but was glad to hear Bloch can handle things satisfactorily providing the band a new, fresh sonic attack.

Some song even sound like late 80’s Maiden somewhat – a feel carried through in numerous ways. The midtempo metal themed ‘Sign of the elder’ showcases a sleek, modern production sound and musical direction. The band sounds different enough on this album, but if you listen you will hear likenesses to ‘Live Your Life Forever’ in this song, and much of the material.

Guitars in this one are very crisp, and interestingly, have somewhat of a Maidenish tone. The greatest similarity however are the vocals of Tommy Bloch, who at places sounds incredibly like Bruce Dickinson. This, and the fantastical, epic themes, slower tempos and production remind one of ‘Seventh Son’ era Maiden, sometimes of Bruce Dickinson’s solo era stuff, at others Bonfire like on ‘I don’t wanna wait’ and ‘Stranded heart’, great pieces of melodic hard rock.

A solid, rocking collection of well crafted tunes, wrapped by a crisp, crunchy production & mix.
Highly Recommended


01 – DNJPR
02 – The Devil Called My Name
03 – I Don’t Wanna Wait
04 – In The Sign Of The Elder
05 – Spellbound – Hellbound
06 – Carry On
07 – Remember
08 – Distant Thunder
09 – Shine On
10 – The Fields
11 – Marching With The Black
12 – The Last Of The Wolves
13 – Stranded Heart

Tommy Bloch – Vocals
Tommy Clauss – Guitars
Bernd Grunen – Bass
Jerry Schaffer – Keyboards
Peter Kumpf – Drums


out of print

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