COBRAKILL – Cobrator (2022)

COBRAKILL - Cobrator (2022) full

Is that a poster of a new Predator ot Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie re-make? Nope, it’s ”Cobratör”, the debut album from Germany’s COBRAKILL, a 5-piece playing metal, hard rock and sleaze in the spirit from the ‘80s. The band check off all the retro boxes from the album art with its comic book style, long hair, denim and leather, and of course the music.
It’s fun stuff driven by dirty riffs and a gritty vocalist with a touch of sleaze similar to Taime Downe from Faster Pussycat, or even Danny from Crazy Lixx, a fierce, hard hitting 30+ minutes of scorching melodic metal and hard rock ranging from Motley Crue to W.A.S.P.

Since the scorching opener ‘Silver Fist’ the band are firing on all cylinders, working everyone into a frenzy. Even more abrasive than the opener, ‘Deathstalker’ is also heavier, and features all the hallmarks of traditional US metal. But it’s the vocals of singer Nick that have a raspy grit that I’ve come to expect from the sleaze and glam metal genre, mainly from growing up listening to Skid Row, WASP, Faster Pussycat, and Motley.

Title track builds, slower pace less brash and more melodic and focused chorus. “Electrifier” has the catchiest riff, arrangement, solo, and hook. It’s direct and to the point.
Same with “Bring It, Sugar” – the band equally adept at performing both metal and hard rock numbers. Also, the transition between the two styles is seamless, effortless, and as natural as breathing.

There’s a lot Whammy bar action in “Lavender Haze Gypsy”; third song in the spirit of ‘80s glam metal has that purity of Mötley Crüe’s Too Fast For Love.
Staying in the more melodic hard rock territory, the album is brought to a close with a power ballad – ‘We’ve Just Begun’, a sparkling lighters in the air moment, full of hair metal atmosphere.

On ”Cobratör” CobraKill brings back that ’80s spirit combining heavy, metallic 1984 US melodic metal with gammy hard rock and some sleaze. A highly infectious sense of fun too, all overly attractive retro stuff.
Highly Recommended


01. Silver Fist
02. Deathstalker
03. Cobrator
04. Desperados
05. Electrifier
06. Bring It, Sugar
07. Lavender Haze Gypsy
08. We’ve Just Begun

Nick Adams – vocals
Randy White – lead guitar
Tommy Gun – rhythm guitar
Crippler Ramirez – bass
Toby Ventura – drums



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