Y&T – Free To Roll / Santa Barbara ’85 King Biscuit Flower Hour [FM Broadcast remastered] (2022)

BAD HABIT - Autonomy [Japanese Edition] (2021) full

Titled ”Free To Roll”, this is a recording of Y&T show in Santa Barbara from 1985, done for FM broadcast as part of the famous King Biscuit Flower Hour. Of course it’s a bootleg, but the sound quality is very good, now enhanced for our listening pleasure. Be aware there’s versions floating the net but not the complete set and with noises / cuts. This is the real ”Free To Roll” just released.
This show was the basis of Y&T’s ‘Open Fire’ live album, released later in the year. Y&T and was going from its longtime label home at A&M to the upstart high-brow label, Geffen, and the live disc was delivered to fulfill obligations.
However this show recorded for KBFH features a different track-list. There’s Y&T classics like “Lipstick And Leather,” “Go For The Throat,” and “Summertime Girls”. They do offer a lengthy guitar solo followed by a 12-bar blues jam before closing with high energy versions of “Mean Streak” and “Black Tiger.”
Y&T at their peak, pure Eighties US hard rock.


01 – Open Fire (Live 1985)
02 – Lipstick & Leather (Live 1985)
03 – Keep On Runnin’ (Live 1985)
04 – Go For The Throat (Live 1985)
05 – Twenty Five Hours A Day (Live 1985)
06 – Summertime Girls (Live 1985)
07 – Forever (Live 1985)
08 – Guitar Solo (Live 1985)
09 – Blues Jam (Live 1985)
10 – Mean Streak (Live 1985)
11 – Black Tiger (Live 1985)

Dave Meniketti – lead vocals, guitar
Joey Alves – guitar
Phil Kennemore – bass, vocals
Leonard Haze – drums



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