KEITH MURRELL (ex-Airrace / Phenomena / Mama’s Boys / Lionheart) – Forever Eyes [Unreleased]

KEITH MURRELL (Ex-Airrace / Phenomena / Mama's Boys / Lionheart) - Forever Eyes [Unreleased] full

As requested, here’s the bootleg CD of KEITH MURRELL unreleased album from the ’80s: “Forever Eyes“. These are songs the ex- vocalist for Airrace, Phenomena, Mama’s Boys, Lionheart and many others recorded in between bands during the decade.
As happened with other singers (i.e Mark Free) Murrel worked during the ’80s as ‘recording artist’ putting his voice on songs from several songwriters – something common at the time, recording demos to present the songs to record companies.
What we have here are wonderful AOR songs composed buy the likes of Bob Halligan Jr, Tom Keane, Bob Marlette, Toto’s David Paich and more. Sound quality is pretty good for demos, and all songs are fan-damn-tastic.

While Keith Murrell sang on several bands since the late Seventies, it was in 1983 when he got the the big chance joining Airrace, the band assembled by Jason Bonham. Their album, Shaft Of Light, is considered a cult AOR classic, especially due to Keith Murrell strong vocals.
Then he was recruited by Lionheart in August 1985, alongside Dennis Stratton (guitar) Steve Mann (guitar) Rocky Newton (bass) Toby Sadler (keyboards) Andy Beirne (drums). By that time, Steve Mann also played in a parallel band, Stratus (with members of Praying Mantis), and asked Murrell to join.

It was in late 1986 when the McManus bros called Murrell to invite him to sing into Mama’s Boys new album. They released an album called ‘Growing up the Hard Way’ next year, their more AOR sounding ever.
But in 1988, Keith left the band (who reverted as a trio again) and concentrated in session work. He could be seen singing in the musical ‘Time’, starring Cliff Richard and featuring Freddie Mercury among others.

The songs in “Forever Eyes” were recorder at the time, around 1987-89, and while it never was a solo project from Keith Murrell, these recordings surfaced some time ago and where compiled into this unofficial album.
There’s other bootlegged copies of these songs floating the internet – some with different song-titles but the songs are the same – however this CDr sound quality is better.
Great ’80s AOR stuff


not for sale


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