SIDEBURN – Fired Up (2022)

SIDEBURN - Fired Up (2022) full

Consistency: that’s what has characterized Swiss rockers SIDEBURN each album since formed in 1997 – or actually since 1985. Under the name Genocide the band played classic metal for twelve years, until the name and style change was implemented and Sideburn started making traditional hard rock in the vein of AC/ DC, Rose Tattoo and fellow countrymen Krokus.
For their new CD “Fired Up” Sideburn aimed to ‘back to the roots’: straight hard rockers with a classic feeling wrote having in mind how they would sound like live on stage. So they called expert Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Unisonic, Magnum) who recorded, mixed and mastered the whole thing.
And “Fired Up” rocks, rock hard with melody, sharp riffs, a crisp sound and feel-good vibe to enjoy all the upcoming summer.


01 – Feel The Heat
02 – Free Ride
03 – Sweet Obsession (Ride On)
04 – Bad Side Of Town
05 – Standing In The Headlines
06 – Heading Down The Road 69
07 – Devil In Me
08 – Restless Call
09 – Mystical Lady
10 – Die A Million Times
11 – Paid My Dues
12 – Tired Of The Road

Roland Pierrehumbert (Lead Vocals/Harmonica)
Lionel Blanc (Drums/Backing Vocals)
Mikaƫl Riffart (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Thierry Nydegger (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Sickyy Lyo (Guitar/Backing Vocals)


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