SILENT RUNNING – Follow The Light (2022)

SILENT RUNNING - Follow The Light (2022) full

Belfast’s SILENT RUNNING released 3 very good album during the ’80s then disbanded at the end of the decade. Reunited in 2019 with its original core members, now we have their first album in more than thirty years – just in time for their their 40th anniversary as a band.
Titled “Follow The Light“, the new album retains SILENT RUNNING trademark sound: a unique blend of ’80s new wave & lite AOR. There was many bands at the time mixing both styles – which we like a lot – and SILENT RUNNING should be the only in 2022 playing this type of music.
You’ll find here melodic vocals, smooth choruses, very cool guitar work and an overall Eighties nostalgic feeling. The good thing is SILENT RUNNING isn’t repeating themselves – they always were an inventive band and that’s confirmed into “Follow The Light”, a disc plenty of interesting commercial tunes with intelligent arrangements.

The band were originally signed to EMI and released their debut album ‘Shades of Liberty’ in 1984. For the follow up to that record, Silent Running then signed with Atlantic Records (the first Irish band to do so) and released ‘Walk on Fire’ in 1987 and ‘Deep’ in 1989. After that third album, the band folded for a full 30 years.

In 2019, original members of the band Richard Collett (bass), Peter Gamble (vocals) and Tony Scott (guitars) got together again to play a few songs at a band member’s wife’s birthday, Silent Running booked a gig at Belfast’s Voodoo. Expectations of anything other than having some fun playing a full live set again, in truth, were low.
However, a Facebook group of fans couldn’t believe that the band were back in business again and ensured that the show was a total sell-out, with many travelling in for what was a magical night.

Late in 2019, Silent Running released the single ‘Lost Boy’, which had been debuted at the Voodoo show, but now it’s time to reveal the full album. ‘Follow The Light’ was recorded at Novatech in Belfast; the same studio in which they recorded the demos for the 80s albums.
Lead singer and songwriter Peter Gamble says, “I feel that ‘Follow the Light’ is Silent Running’s best album to date with the best and most consistent songs, and the band’s arrangements of the songs are really strong.

”Follow The Light” is packed with songs that spark with an undeniable energy, and there is a real sense of joy and celebration to the whole set.
Silent Running have indeed been silent for three decades but in this, their fourth, they are ready to bring the noise. This is pop-rock with edgy guitars and AOR atmopheres sure to please ’80s music fans.
Highly Recommended


01 – Live Right Now
02 – Darkest Hour
03 – Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
04 – Follow The Light
05 – Love Is A Bloodsport
06 – Golden Days
07 – Swansong
08 – Shadowland
09 – Lost Boy
10 – Wildfire
11 – Tonight This World Belongs To Me

Peter Gamble – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Tony Scott – Guitar, backing vocals
Richard Collett – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Paul Rocks – Keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Gary Kirby – Drums, percussion, backing vocals



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