BLOND VIPER – Crash (2022)

BLOND VIPER - Crash (2022) full

Hailing from Trent, South Dakota, BLOND VIPER are releasing their debut album “Crash“, and the guys are another proof that classic melodic hard rock isn’t dead in America. Formed by songwriter and vocalist Todd Magnuson and including guitarist Eldon “E” Fisher (ex-Crash Alley) into the line up, BLOND VIPER rocks in the good mid-Eighties melodic way with some early ’90s hard rock edge as well.
While “Crash” is a pretty long album – 15 tracks on offer – all are really varied and you never get bored. And that’s thanks to the strong songwriting & arrangements, the polished production (the album doesn’t sounds like an independent release at all) and especially due to Eldon “E” Fisher exceptional guitar work.
Fisher is awesome all over the album with impressive riffs, intelligent scales, swirling solos and a guitar set up sound to die for.

Todd Magnuson’s vocals are an acquired taste – he has a raspy, gravelly style of singing – however once you get it everything works, as these are very good songs, hooky, melodic rockin’. And as said, Eldon “E” Fisher guitar work worth this album alone.
Production is very good too, resembling many albums in this style circa 1985-1988 – there’s four tracks with a slightly different approach akin 1990-1992 – providing a welcomed diversity.
It’s really cool to hear bands like BLOND VIPER coming from America playing this brand of timeless US Melodic Hard, well written, produced and executed.
Highly Recommended


01 – Crash
02 – Tell Me Lies
03 – Fire In The Sky
04 – Us Or Them
05 – Home
06 – Blow Me Away
07 – Toxic
08 – I Am Who I Am
09 – Soundtrack Of My Life
10 – Dreams
11 – Hibernation
12 – Days Are Numbered
13 – Just You And Me
14 – Pull Out The Fire
15 – This Time

Todd Magnuson – vocals, bass guitar, keys
Eldon “E” Fisher (ex-Crash Alley) – guitars, vocals
Rich Dahl – drums
Terri Lawrenz – vocals



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