DOC HOLLIDAY – Doc Holliday Rides Again… [Rock Candy remaster +2]

DOC HOLLIDAY - Doc Holliday Rides Again... [Rock Candy remaster +2] full

Many of you asked for Rock Candy Records reissues to complete collections, and here’s the first two DOC HOLLIDAY albums ‘remastered & reloaded‘, each with 2 bonus tracks. Well, both are must have bluesy hard rock cult classics…
Doc Holliday Rides Again…” is the title of their second album. For this sophomore effort, stellar producer Tom Allom (Def Leppard, Y&T) was invited once again. Unfortunately the recordings were turned down by Doc Holliday’s label co-owner, and David Anderle (Frank Zappa, The Doors) was brought in to take care of things.

Together with engineer Andy de Gahnal, Anderle gave the album a stripped-down, lively feel.
The result is surely one of the best Southern Rock albums of all times on par with Doc Holliday’s self-titled debut, featuring such great tracks as “Southern Man”, “Hot Rod” and “Lonesome Guitar”.

DOC HOLLIDAY - Doc Holliday Rides Again... [Rock Candy remaster +2] booklet

Named after notorious gunslinger John Henry Holliday, this Georgia five-piece were never afraid to charge the enemy lines, Southern flag flapping in the breeze, even when the bullets were whistling close around their ears… If Doc Holliday had more support from their label then these guys should have been mega-stars.
Doc Holliday might not have enjoyed the profile of a Skynyrd, a Hatchet or a .38 Special, but they were no poor relations musically, with quality songs in their repertoire that can still cause a grown man to crumple at the knees.

“Doc Holliday Rides Again…” is pure Rock n’ Roll music from the heart, from the land, from the soul, and the nine tracks on offer here are very much enshrined with that spirit.

DOC HOLLIDAY - Doc Holliday Rides Again... [Rock Candy remaster +2] back

This quality Rock Candy remaster featuring two bonus tracks in “Whiskey Train” (Procol Harum cover) and “Travelin’ Band” (CCR cover) is an absolute must for all Suvvern Rock lovers.
It’s a great record on par with Doc Holliday self-titled debut, and if the climax of “Lonesome Guitar” doesn’t rock your bones to the core, then the stamp on your Southern Rock passport might just have expired!
Highly Recommended


01 – Last Ride
02 – Good Boy Gone Bad
03 – Don’t Go Talkin’
04 – Southern Man
05 – Let Me Be Your Lover
06 – Doin’ (It Again)
07 – Don’t Stop Loving Me
08 – Hot Rod
09 – Lonesome Guitar
10 – Whiskey Train
11 – Travelin’ Band

Bruce Brookshire – lead vocals, guitars
Eddie Stone – keyboards, clavinet, piano, vocals
Herman Nixon – drums
Rick Skelton – lead guitar, vocals
John Samuelson – bass, vocals



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  1. kosedi says:

    Great album.Thank you so much for both Doc Holliday albums.Southern rock is one of my favorite music…

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