ANDY McCOY – Jukebox Junkie (2022)

ANDY McCOY - Jukebox Junkie (2022) full

Famed Finnish glam rock heroes Hanoi Rocks were never shy about wearing their collective influences on their fishnet sleeves. Starting with their acclaimed debut album, the group frequently included surprising cover versions among their killer original songs – from the Carol King-penned “Walking With My Angel” to the bluesy folk of Hoyt Axton’s “Lighting Bar Blues” to the smoking hot take on Creedence’s “Up Around The Bend”, which currently rides the top of the band’s most played songs on the Spotify platform.
Now, Hanoi Rocks guitarist ANDY McCOY taps into the rich musical history that inspired him on his own full-length album of highly addictive covers titled “Jukebox Junkie“.
“Jukebox Junkie” features an eclectic mix of songs showcasing not only McCoy’s deep love of numerous styles and genres but also his immense gift for synthesizing these disparate artists into a cohesive song sequence. Of course, all done with McCoy’s sleazy but melodic own approach.

A national icon in his native Finland, McCoy has been called the Finnish Keith Richards. His over-the-top image and streetwise bending of punk, glam, and old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll inspired a generation of platinum-selling bands, including Slash and Nikki Sixx.

On “Jukebox Junkie”, reggae legend Toots Hibbert’s “54-46 That’s My Number” grooves next to “Take Me I’m Yours” by ’80s hitmakers Squeeze, while Iggy and Bowie’s “China Girl” and rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson’s fantastic “Funnel Of Love” highlight the album’s second half.
McCoy himself shares: “These are songs that everyone ought to know. I chose them from a list of 60 that I thought deserved to be bigger hits. I think this is the most colorful album I have ever done.”
And it’s a glaring LP indeed.
Highly Recommended


01 – I’m Gonna Roll
02 – 54-46 That’s My Number
03 – Take Me I’m Yours
04 – Miss Tennessee
05 – Hot Night in Texas
06 – I Can Feel the Fire
07 – Shot Full of Love
08 – Solo in Soho
09 – Back to the Wall
10 – Motorbiking
11 – I Couldn’t Get It Right
12 – China Girl
13 – Funnel of Love
14 – Countdown

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