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UFO - Lights Out [Japan Forever Young Series remastered +4] lossless full

With the recent reissue of two UFO albums remastered many of you asked for more ‘classic UFO’. Chrysalis Records released deluxe editions (featured at 0dayrox) of Phenomenon (1974) and Force It (1975) during the las three years, but still not for following albums.
So now we have here 1977’s ”Lights Out” in its Japanese ‘Japan Forever Young Series‘ edition remastered and including 4 bonus, previously unreleased tracks.
”Lights Out” is a milestone in UFO’s career, when they started to create more mainstream and accessible rock music but at the same time rocking by the hand of the always impressive Michael Schenker guitar, adding string & horn arrangements, and a slick production thanks to master Ron Nevison.

In 1977, UFO were in the ‘up and coming’ category, but hadn’t achieved breakthrough status in Europe or North America despite a grinding touring schedule and some very commendable records. For ”Lights Out”, they added keyboardist / guitarist Paul Raymond to complete what was to be a classic line-up (alongside singer Phil Mogg, guitarist Michael Schenker, bassman Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker).
Interestingly, not only did Raymond play guitar left-handed, but his guitar was strung ‘upside-down’ — a practically unique technique.
For production, the band used legendary Ron Nevison, AIR Studios in the band’s hometown of London was chosen for recording.

What resulted was possibly UFO’s greatest studio achievement (overall credit has to go to 1978’s live Strangers In The Night). Eight songs, and all deserving of classic status.
Lead-off track, “Too Hot To Handle”, is a personal favorite … an incredible ’70s hard rocker with Mogg’s characteristic great lyrics and (of course) a spell binding guitar solo from Schenker. Next up is “Just Another Suicide”, which is apparently a Raymond creation, but he did not get proper credit due to some contractual legalities.
“Try Me” is a beautiful ballad with pianos and strings, something new for the band, again highlighted by Schenker’s melodic guitar work, while the title track is a pumping hard rocker, a song that has always featured in UFO’s live sets. Killer stuff.

Next we have a some kind of surprise, and one if the best songs on the LP – well, all are great. “Gettin’ Ready” is a nicely restrained tune including acoustics into the mix, which features a tasteful vocal harmony in the chorus, and is incredibly catchy.
“Alone Again Or” is a cover of a song from ’60s band Love, which features some great acoustic guitaring here. UFO version is slightly progressive (brings to mind Kansas) again with strings all over.

“Electric Phase” is based on a steady Pete Way riff, and some very cool embellishments from Schenker. It’s pretty bluesy, and awesome in its mojo.
Finally, album closer is the epic “Love To Love”, which is an incredible piece of rock music with many variations, arrangements, and sounds all over 7 magic minutes. Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris calls this his favorite UFO song. It’s peaks and valleys display UFO at their most mature. It’s songwriting at its finest.

This Japanese remastered release features four live tunes recorded on April 2 1977 at London’s Roundhouse, all previously unreleased. The sound quality is very good considering the year, and the fact these tapes were forgotten for years. The live version of the title track is terrific.

By the time of the album’s release, Schenker was perhaps the most renowned axeman in Europe, but he wasn’t reliable. Suffering from the pressures of touring, he went AWOL on the eve of the American tour to support the LP, only resurfacing the following year for the follow-up, ‘Obsession’. But that’s other story.

”Lights Out” is an essential LP not only for UFO / Schenker fans, but any classic hard rock aficionado. Your collection isn’t complete without ”Lights Out”, and this Japanese remastered CD is the best version you can get.
A record that still sounds as fresh to me as when I was a teen.
A Must Have


Forever Young Series

01 – Too Hot To Handle
02 – Just Another Suicide
03 – Try Me
04 – Lights Out
05 – Gettin’ Ready
06 – Alone Again Or
07 – Electric Phase
08 – Love To Love
BONUS TRACKS Previously Unreleased:
09 – Lights Out (Live at the Roundhouse, London 1977)
10 – Gettin’ Ready (Live at the Roundhouse, London 1977)
11 – Love To Love (Live at the Roundhouse, London 1977)
12 – Try Me (Live at the Roundhouse, London 1977)

Phil Mogg – vocals
Michael Schenker – lead guitar
Pete Way – bass guitar
Andy Parker – drums
Paul Raymond – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Alan McMillan – horn arrangements, string arrangements


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