TRILLION – Clear Approach +1 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

TRILLION - Clear Approach +1 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

As requested by many, here’s TRILLION second effort “Clear Approach” fully remastered by Rock Candy Records with a bonus track.
Without a doubt, Trillion was one of the greatest Pomp Rock acts to emerge from the US early ’80s scene. Signed to industry powerhouse Epic Records, the Chicago-based quintet Trillion made major inroads with their self-titled debut album, but it wasn’t until the release of this, their second album “Clear Approach” that matters reached a musical crescendo.

With the addition of new – and terrific – vocalist Thom Griffin, and an astounding selection of highly melodic songs, the band hit a level of sophistication and emotion that few have ever matched in the Pomp AOR genre.

TRILLION - Clear Approach [Rock Candy remaster +1] booklet

“Clear Approach” is unquestionably one of the most accomplished and impressive albums of the era, packing a powerful punch with intelligent songs, masterful vocals, complex – almost progressive – arrangements and polished production (by John Boylan, Boston debut album).

You have here such classic songs as the smooth ‘Love Me Anytime’, the stunning ‘Make It Last Forever’, the elegant AOR of ‘Promises’, the hooky ‘What Can You Do’ and ‘Wishing I Knew It All’.
Thom’s vocals are extremely sweet, like a mix between Styx’s Tommy Shaw and Toto’s Bobby Kimball, and his contribution to the band turned things much more AOR.

TRILLION - Clear Approach [Rock Candy remaster +1] back

Trillion’s “Clear Approach” is a true AOR gem.
This Rock Candy remaster handled by Jon Astley is one of their best, ‘reloaded’ with a 12-page colour booklet, previously unpublished photos and 4,000 word story of the making of the album by Stephen Allen.
And there’s more; the excellent previously unreleased ‘You Clown’ as bonus track, a song intended to be originally on the album but Epic Records suggested to discard (!)
“Clear Approach” is an absolute MUST for all of you AOR fans out there, who are looking for some of the best Pomp Rock albums ever, remastered in all its glory.


01 – Make Time for Love
02 – Love Me Anytime
03 – I Know the Feeling
04 – Make It Last Forever
05 – Promises
06 – Cities
07 – What Can You Do?
08 – Clear Approach
09 – Wishing I Knew It All
10 – You Clown (Unreleased B-side) [bonus track]

Thom Griffin – vocals, guitars
Frank Barbalace – guitars, vocals
Pat Leonard – keyboards, piano
Ron Anaman – bass, vocals
Bill Wilkins – drums



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