NEAL SCHON’S JOURNEY THROUGH TIME (2019) Unreleased *made by 0dayrox*

NEAL SCHON'S JOURNEY THROUGH TIME (2019) Unreleased *made by 0dayrox* - full

Back in 2018-19, with Journey taking a sabbatical, the band’s guitarist NEAL SCHON recruited Journey co-founder Gregg Rolie, ex- Journey Deen Castronovo and other prominent musicians to form NEAL SCHON’s JOURNEY THROUGH TIME. The project was put together for a serie of shows to play Journey material focused on their first three prog-oriented albums, plus the ’80s hits.
None official release was done from these shows in any format, but the 0dayrox team got the tapes and we are featuring some kind of a ‘2-CD set’. These classic songs have been updated in arrangements, and believe me, the band is on fire.

It’s like a dream come true; Schon & Gregg Rolie performing Journey songs together again.
Rolie handles keyboards and lead vocals of course, but also former Journey member Deen Castronovo who does a terrific job at the mic, apart of delivering a stupendous drumming.
Completing the line up there’s terrific bass player Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake alum), Thin Lizzy / Dead Daisies vet Marti Frederiksen (multi-instrumentalist, vocals) and Chris Collins (guitar and keys).

Elsewhere, the group went back to “Kohoutek,” an early concert favorite from Journey’s 1975 debut album, “I’m Gonna Leave You” and the title track from 1976’s Look Into the Future, “Nickel and Dime” and “People” from 1977’s Next, and “La Do Da” from 1978’s Infinity, among others.
All these are performed with a jamming feel, and sure burns.

Of course, they can’t leave out classics such as “Anyway You Want It” or “Don’t Stop Believin'” – both awesome – and I am really surprised to hear as well a Medley of “Patiently / Trial By Fire / Stay A While”.
There’s more dates planned, and guess what, Schon reached out an open invitation for vocalist Steve Perry to sit-in. Wow.
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CD 1:
01 – I’m Gonna Leave You
02 – Look Into The Future
03 – Just the Same Way
04 – Kohoutek
05 – Walks Like A Lady
06 – Feelin’ that Way – Anytime
07 – Lights / Still They Ride
08 – Wheel in the Sky
09 – Line Of Fire
10 – Patiently / Trial By Fire / Stay A While
11 – La Do Da

CD 2:
01 – Mystery Mountain
02 – Of A Lifetime
03 – Nickel Dime
04 – People
05 – Mother Father
06 – Anyway You Want It
07 – Don’t Stop Believin’
08 – Hustler
09 – Lady Luck
10 – You’re On Your Own
11 – Black Magic / Oye Como Va

Neal Schon – guitar, vocals
Gregg Rolie – lead vocals, keyboards
Deen Castronovo – lead vocals, drums
Marco Mendoza – bass, vocals
Marti Frederiksen (multi-instrumentalist, vocals)
Chris Collins (guitar and keys)


Not For Sale / made by 0dayrox

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing live set this should not be bootleg by them this should have been mixed and mastered the right way with all the money that they got they won’t even remaster the first three albums the ones without Steve Perry all the money in the world and can’t do it

  2. Neil Tudor says:

    Not sure why Seperate Ways isnt in this set??as it was constantly played….its available to view on youtube……

  3. Paul says:

    Is there a date for this show?

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