THE SCREAM – Takin’ It To The Next Level [unreleased 2nd album] (1993) *0dayrox Exclusive*

THE SCREAM - Takin' It To The Next Level [unreleased 2nd album] (1993) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Founded by guitarist Bruce Bouillet, bass player John Alderete and vocalist John Corabi, short-lived band THE SCREAM was a great band for sure plenty of groove, energy, soul and heavy guitars. When Corabi was asked to replace Vince Neil in Motley Crue, they hooked up with another equally as scary vocalist Billy Fogarty and recorded “Takin’ It To The Next Level” which, unfortunately, never got released because of a few Spinal Tap-ish record industry moves.
It was 1993, and the music style into “Takin’ It To The Next Level” wasn’t the hot cake anymore. Additionally, on this record THE SCREAM experimented a little with other sounds as well, like funk, rap-metal, etc, mixed with their traditional hard rock style.
“Takin’ It To The Next Level” is professionally recorded & produced album, and while there’s copies circulating among fans and collectors, our sounds better and includes extra tracks.
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01 – Kool World
02 – What U See
03 – Miss Thang
04 – Kick Back
05 – Another Rock
06 – Get It Together
07 – One Foot In The Grave
08 – Ain’t Got Nuthin’
09 – Comin’ Down
10 – Good Lookin’ Out
11 – Love C.C.A.
12 – It’s A Long Way
13 – Head For Backstage Pass
14 – Young And Dumb
15 – Father, Mother, Son (Acoustic Version)

Billy Fogarty – lead vocals
Bruce Bouillet – guitars
John Alderete electric and acoustic bass, backing vocals
Walt Woodward – drums, percussion, backing vocals
John Corabi – backing vocals


only at 0dayrox

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