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THE PLOT & DAMAGE CONTROL (ft. Pete Way & Michael Schenker) – 2003-2009 [HNE 3CD Box Set] (2022)

The world of hard rock lost a true legend in August 2020 when musician and songwriter Pete Way passed away, shortly after his 70th birthday. Best known as a founder member and bass guitarist of UFO, the enduring music that UFO with Pete Way created influenced everyone from Iron Maiden and Def Leppard to even Metallica. Pete leave and re-join UFO a number of times, leaving for good in 2008.
Pete Way would be involved in a number of collaborations and side projects, including a sporadic solo career. It was during one of his breaks from UFO that he teamed up with fellow UFO band-mate, lead guitarist Michael Schenker, forming the power trio The Plot (CD1) with Badlands’ Jeff Martin on drums in 2003. Quite different to the work that either Pete or Michael had produced with UFO and MSG, and with a slightly sleazy, gritty edge, The Plot has more in common with Pete’s other band, Waysted, but with the bass guitarist now also handling the lead vocals.
Pete Way’s next project was again another collaboration: he joined forces with guitarist Robin George, alongside drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm) and The Quireboys’ inimitable lead singer, Spike, to form Damage Control in 2006. This bluesy, melodic hard rock band released 2 albums.
Now Hear No Evil / Cherry red is releasing a 3CD Box Set with these out of print albums.

PETE WAY – Solo Albums 2000-2004 [HNE 3CD Box Set] (2022)

When PETE WAY sadly passed away in 2020, it ended a 50+ year career in rock ‘n’ roll, from founder member, bass guitarist and songwriter in UFO, followed by collaborations with Motorhead’s ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke and Ozzy Osbourne, to forming the self-explanatory Waysted, before re-joining his band-mates in UFO. During one of his occasional breaks from UFO, Pete found time to develop a solo career.
Now Hear No Evil / Cherry Red is releasing ”Solo Albums 2000-2004 [HNE 3CD Box Set]’‘ with all Pete Way solo releases, including bonus tracks.
Forming a trio with guitarist Walt James and drummer Scott Phillips, Pete Way released his solo debut in 2000. Unsurprisingly, given its title, ‘Amphetamine’ (CD1 here) partly chronicles Pete’s relationship with illicit substances.
Taking on lead vocals as well as his trademark bass guitar, the material is a major departure from the melodic rock of UFO, exchanged for a visceral hard rock with a rough swagger to it but at various times throughout it could be called pop, punkish, metal. The song ‘American Kid (What a Shame)’ is a killer tune, and a personal favorite…

UFO – No Place To Run [Rock Candy remastered +4] *HQ*

Continuing fulfilling the many requests of UFO‘s classic era albums in the best remastering / reissue versions, now we have here 1980’s “No Place To Run“, the eighth studio album by the British hard rock institution. It was the band’s first to feature Paul Chapman, who replaced Michael Schenker on lead guitar.
Accepted UFO wisdom says the band were at their peak with Schenker in the line-up. But although the records were very good, on the road the guitarist was notoriously erratic. After going AWOL in 1977 on the eve of a major US tour supporting Rush, and walking out for good in November 1978, the band recruited old buddy Paul Chapman, from very good rockers Lone Star.
Hugely talented and reliable, the Welshman was exactly what UFO needed and with him everything went to another level. After a year of touring, Chapman and the band were revitalized and ready to make ”No Place To Run” – which with Schenker or not, is one of UFO’s best LP’s.
Few know that “No Place To Run” has been remastered by Rock Candy Records : the version we feature here including 4 bonus tracks.

UFO – Obsession [Japan Forever Young Series remastered +3] HQ

Many of you asked for more ‘classic UFO‘. Chrysalis Records recently released deluxe editions (featured at 0dayrox) of Phenomenon (1974) and Force It (1975) during the las three years, but still not for following albums.
So now we have here 1978’s ”Obsession” in its Japanese ‘Japan Forever Young Series’ edition remastered including bonus tracks.
”Obsession” is the last Seventies UFO album with Michael Schenker… but what a great way to say ‘hasta la vista baby’.
When the band’s previous album ‘Lights Out’ secured a top 30 placing in the American album charts, and world tours sold out as fast as tickets could be put on sale, the band’s future was assured. Capitalising on their new found success, the band relocated to Los Angeles and set about recording ”Obsession’ with (once again) talented producer Ron Nevison and engineer Mike Clink (a man who would later harness the filth and fury of Guns ”N Roses) at the helm.
This richly crafted record once again demonstrated the band’s unique ability to fuse intense hard rock with elements of an altogether more cerebral nature. Many cite ”Obsession” as the pinnacle of the band’s creative prowess; rounded, complete and universally praised…

UFO – Lights Out [Japan Forever Young Series remastered +4] *HQ*

With the recent reissue of two UFO albums remastered many of you asked for more ‘classic UFO’. Chrysalis Records released deluxe editions (featured at 0dayrox) of Phenomenon (1974) and Force It (1975) during the las three years, but still not for following albums.
So now we have here 1977’s ”Lights Out” in its Japanese ‘Japan Forever Young Series‘ edition remastered and including 4 bonus, previously unreleased tracks.
”Lights Out” is a milestone in UFO’s career, when they started to create more mainstream and accessible rock music but at the same time rocking by the hand of the always impressive Michael Schenker guitar, adding string & horn arrangements, and a slick production thanks to master Ron Nevison.
”Lights Out” is an essential LP not only for UFO / Schenker fans, but any classic hard rock aficionado. Your collection isn’t complete…

UFO (feat Michael Schenker) – No Heavy Petting [Japan Forever Young Series remastered +5] HQ

With the recent reissue of two UFO albums remastered many of you asked for more ‘classic UFO’. Chrysalis Records released deluxe editions (featured at 0dayrox) of Phenomenon (1974) and Force It (1975) during the las three years, but still not for following albums.
So now we have here 1976’s ”No Heavy Petting” in its ‘Japan Forever Young Series‘ edition remastered and including 5 bonus tracks, previously unreleased studio outtakes.
”No Heavy Petting” is part of the UFO Michael Schenker years. The band also added a permanent keyboardist – Danny Peyronel – providing a more melodious background. Yes, this album clearly is a precursor to more glamorous things to come like ‘Lights Out’ or ‘Obsession’ a few years later. The album also sets cornerstones as to how Hard Rock and early Heavy Metal ought to sound…

UFO – High Stakes & Dangerous Men / Lights Out In Tokyo [HNE digitally remastered] (2022)

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil are releasing tomorrow a digitally remastered 2-CD set featuring UFO albums ‘High Stakes & Dangerous Men‘ and ‘Lights Out In Tokyo‘. UFO’s 13th studio album, 1992’s ‘High Stakes & Dangerous Men’, was their first record in ten years to feature bassist and founder member Pete Way. Fronted by Phil Mogg, the only band member to feature in every line-up of UFO’s 50 plus year career, the line-up was completed by excellent guitarist Laurence Archer (Grand Slam, Wild Horses) and drummer Clive Edwards (Uli Jon Roth, Bernie Marsden). Although this was the sole UFO album that the guitarist and drummer would appear on, Archer and Edwards had the musical chops and rock pedigree.
Disc 2 here is ‘Lights Out In Tokyo’, recorded on 20th June 1992 at Club Citta in Tokyo, and airing a healthy selection from their latest opus plus a host of classics
‘High Stakes & Dangerous Men’ is one of UFO’s best and one of the most overlooked. So, why has it been forgotten? It’s simply that it spent so long out of print. Luckily Cherry Red saw fit to champion this “lost classic” in 2022 with a long overdue reissue, and by coupling it with the brilliant ‘Lights Out In Tokyo’ live set – another release long AWOL – sought to shine a light on this brilliant but short phase in UFO’s long history…

UFO (feat Michael Schenker) – Force It [Deluxe Edition remastered 2021]

Chrysalis Records started a Deluxe Edition reissue program of the UFO catalogue, and now we have the 2LP vinyl and 2CD expanded editions of ”Force It”. Originally released in 1975, ”Force It” is UFO’s fourth studio album, produced by Ten Years After’s Leo Lyons. It was also their first album to chart in the US and contains many classic tracks still in their live set today, such as ‘Shoot Shoot’ and ‘Let It Roll’.
For the new deluxe editions, the album was remastered by Rock Candy Records resident Andy Pearce from the original production master tapes. Bonus material comes in the way of the studio outtake “A Million Miles” and the bonus disc containing the live set recorded at the Record Plant, L.A, in 1975, now revitalized with a pristine sound quality.
For many people this album marked their youth via its controversial cover artwork, hard rocking pulse, killer songs, plus Michel Schenker hot licks, and still sounds great today, even more with this new remastering job…

HOUSE OF X – st [UFO / Phil Lynott Band / Lionheart / MSG members]

Three years of touring and recording as X-UFO led to this band finding their own identity and prompting a ‘re-branding’ as HOUSE OF X. As requested, here’s their self-titled album “House Of X” released on Escape Records.
We’re talking about the super classic Hard Rock combo including singer Danny Peyronel (ex UFO, Heavy Metal Kids), awesome guitarist Laurence Archer (Grand Slam, Phil Lynott Band) Clive Edwards (Wild Horses) on drums, and Lionheart / ex-MSG Rocky Newton on bass.
“House Of X” (the album) is an excellent example of classic, traditional British Hard Rock being made in the now and still sounding not only relevant but also incredibly kick ass. It’s a tour de force through…

UFO – Strangers In The Night [Remastered 8xCD Deluxe Edition] (2020)

Arguably one of the greatest hard rock live albums in history, UFO‘s 1979 “Strangers In The Night” is being reissued today as an 8-CD Deluxe package. Capturing the band at the peak of their powers the original double album was compiled from recordings made at six shows during in October 1978 on an American tour.
This new 8-CD box-set includes all six complete original concerts for the first time (five previously unreleased) as well as a newly remastered version of the original album (across two CDs). Four of the shows have actually been newly mixed from the original tapes.
The sound quality of this fresh 2020 remastering is outstanding.
Absolutely great package for those of us, who think ”Strangers In The Night” is one of the greatest live albums ever. The energy of the band and the show is really unbelievable. Michael Schenker was amazing on these recordings, just the perfect…

UFO – Phenomenon [Deluxe Edition 2019 Remaster]

UFO are widely regarded as one of the UK’s best hard rock acts in history and this 2019 (their final one) are celebrating their 50th year in existence with their final world tour and the remastered reissue of their catalog. “Phenomenon” was the band’s debut for Chrysalis and a departure from the bands previous Space Rock sound to a Heavier...

UFO – Will The Last Man Standing (Turn Out The Light): The Best of UFO Remastered (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Legendary hard rock band UFO has a new 2-CD set out today titled “Will The Last Man Standing (Turn Out The Light): The Best of UFO”, covering the band’s Chrysalis era (1973-1986).This set has been newly remastered 2019 from the original analog production masters by Andy Pearce, and feature new sleeve notes by journalist Malcolm Dome. Are these names familiar?...

UFO – The Salentino Cuts (2017)

UFO – The Salentino Cuts (2017)

British hard rock legends UFO will release their first-ever covers album, “The Salentino Cuts“, tomorrow September 29. On this record, the band pay homage to a dozen of their personal favorites. But “The Salentino Cuts” includes several unexpected choices such as Mad Seasons’ “River Of Deceit”, John Mellencamp’s “Paper In Fire” and Bill Withers’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” alongside more traditional...

VINNIE MOORE – Aerial Visions (2015)

I couldn’t resist; instrumental guitar albums are hard to see (and sell) pieces nowadays, but when noticed about VINNIE MOORE‘s new solo CD “Aerial Visions” I gotta listen to it. And glad I did it. Vinnie Moore belongs to the golden generation of shred guitarists from the ’80s. It has been the times when Shrapnel Records brought quite some of...

UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars [Limited Edition Digipak] (2015)

* Legendary British hard rockers UFO are ready to release their 22nd (!) studio effort entitled “A Conspiracy Of Stars” which precedes the band’s extensive European tour.There’s an air of excitement over this album (that certainly overrides any surprise) and rightly so because, while the band have had their ups and downs, the last few albums have been excellent, well...