ALPHA CENTAURI – Alpha Centauri [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2018)

ALPHA CENTAURI - Alpha Centauri [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2018) full

Regarded as cult classic, pioneer Pomp rock band, American combo ALPHA CENTAURI released their only LP in 1977, the self-titled Alpha Centauri, fortunately ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ for the first time by Rock Candy Records specialists, and it has been requested here.
As highly rated collectibles go, the ”Alpha Centauri” album has to be one of the most coveted records of all time. An independent release, it’s an album that spent years lurking in the shadows, heard by few but lauded quite rightly as a masterpiece of ’70s Pomp rock, embroidered with the all the moves and grooves of the great headlining acts of the day such as Styx, Angel and Head East.
The band’s style was a formidable blast of pompous energy, indeed.

Formed in the early Seventies Randy Thompson (vocals, keyboards), Jess Redmon (guitar) and Kurt Smith (drums), for four years the band labored the Colorado club circuit to great local success. In 1975, Garth Hannah (vocals, bass) was brought into the fold, fleshing out the band’s sound.
Shortly after expanding the lineup, the band packed up and moved to Canada in hopes of reaching a more diverse audience, which ultimately landed them a contract with small Salt Records in 1976.
Over the next few months, the band worked meticulously in the studio until their self-titled debut hit the streets in early 1977. Canadian audiences took notice of the quartet and soon the band were the subject of a CBC television special.

The album is a masterclass in heavy pomp rock, showcasing a band who could not only write catchy melodies but also able to craft stunning arrangements normally associated with far more successful groups. Tracks such as ‘Hard Life’, ‘Love Is A Curse’ and ‘One Night At A Time’ benefit enormously from stellar instrumental duels.
In particular, the guitar playing of Jess Redmon is off the chart, drawing accurate comparisons to Ritchie Blackmore and Tommy Bolin. And of course, that analog synth flurries are to die for to any Pomp fan.

For the next two years after the LP release, Alpha Centauri enjoyed success in their new Canadian home and anticipated their next album. Sadly, by 1979 things were changing in the music scene at large. Punk and New Wave were stirring things up and Alpha Centauri struggled to keep and expand their core audience.
It wasn’t until 1983 that the band finally concluded that their time had come and gone, prompting them to split that summer.

ALPHA CENTAURI - Alpha Centauri [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2018) back

Alpha Centauri have often been referred to as the ‘World’s Best Undiscovered Pomp Band’, prompting collector’s to doggedly search for copies of this unsung gem.
This Rock Candy remaster / reissue finally makes pomp-rock fans dream come true, to seeing “Alpha Centauri” finally available to enjoy. Highly Recommended.
Pomp rules!


01 – Hard Life
02 – One Night At A Time
03 – I’m A Rebel
04 – Earth In Motion
05 – Love Is A Curse
06 – You Shot Me Down
07 – Love Only You
08 – Make It At Rock ‘N’ Roll

Randy Thompson – vocals, keyboards, Analog Synth
Jess Redmon – guitars, backing vocals
Garth Hannah – bass, backing vocals
Kurt Smith – drums



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  2. Randy Thompson says:

    Nice website and story.

  3. Ray says:

    Interest in this band was huge in the 80s, as the classic book The Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Hewavy Metal by Tony Jasper and Derek Oliver (speaking of Rock Candy Records!) championed this album as “The world’s best undiscovered pomp band.

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