EPICA – Live at Paradiso (2022)

EPICA - Live at Paradiso (2022) full

In 2006, Dutch rockers EPICA recorded a concert at the beautiful Paradiso venue in Amsterdam, but since then the performance has become shrouded in legend; often scheduled for release, this will be the first time it’s seen the light of day.
Now 2022, celebrating Epica’s 20th anniversary, after being hidden away in a dark drawer for more than 16 years, ”Live At Paradiso” is finally available on 2CD and Blu-ray. This show allows fans to relive the memories of a young band who had just released their two first albums, and features a number of their evergreen hits like ‘Cry For The Moon’ or ‘Solitary Ground’.
Sound quality is excellent, as well the mix, with every instrument and voices perfectly heard.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hunab K’u (Live At Paradiso)
02 – Dance Of Fate (Live At Paradiso)
03 – Sensorium (Live At Paradiso)
04 – The Last Crusade (Live At Paradiso)
05 – Solitary Ground (Live At Paradiso) (feat. Amanda Somerville)
06 – Force Of The Shore (Live At Paradiso)
07 – Quietus (Live At Paradiso)
08 – Linger (Live At Paradiso)
09 – Blank Infinity (Live At Paradiso)
10 – Crystal Mountain (Live At Paradiso)
11 – Seif al Din (Live At Paradiso)
12 – Façade of Reality (Live At Paradiso)


01 – Trois Vierges (Live At Paradiso) (feat. Roy Khan)
02 – Another Me (In Lack’ech) (Live At Paradiso)
03 – The Phantom Agony (Live At Paradiso)
04 – Cry For The Moon (Live At Paradiso)
05 – Run For A Fall (Live At Paradiso)
06 – Mother Of Light (Live At Paradiso)
07 – Consign To Oblivion (Live At Paradiso) (feat. Jan C. De Koeijer)

Simone Simons – lead vocals
Mark Jansen – rhythm guitar, co-lead vocals
Ad Sluijter – lead guitar
Coen Janssen – keyboards, synthesizer, piano
Yves Huts – bass
Jeroen Simons – drums



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