THE ANSWER – Everyday Demons [Golden Robot reissue] (2023)

THE ANSWER - Everyday Demons [Golden Robot reissue] (2023) - full

Northern Irish rockers THE ANSWER released a strong new album past March, after seven years of absence. Now signed by Golden Robot Records, the label is reissuing the band’s back catalogue. One of their strongest albums from THE ANSWER is their second effort “Everyday Demons” produced by legend Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, Metallica) and Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne).
Great riffs, powerful vocals, and catching yourself playing air guitar are good indicators of a great rock band. The Answer brings all that and more with “Everyday Demons” which moves with threatening infectiousness from song to song.
The Answer kick so-called ‘second album syndrome’ into touch and confidently strut with a kick ass style steeped in 70s blues and 80s hard rock.

The record opens with “Demon Eyes,” which begins with a quiet but toe tapping riff, allowing front man Cormac Neeson to enter with his soon to be unmistakable voice. This is an absolutely fantastic opener, and follows the “calm before the storm” pattern of steadily building in energy. By the time you reach the chorus, you can’t help but erupt with excitement at the sheer energy of it. This is rock and roll at its finest.
“Too Far Gone” is reminiscent of Thin Lizzy. Guitarist Paul Mahon really shows off his riffing skills on this track. He’s able to create memorable riffs and fun melodies, and “Too Far Gone” is just one example of the man’s undeniable talent. This song blows you away from start to finish and takes no prisoners along the way.

The album doesn’t stop rocking from beginning to end, and carries with it some influences not previously heard from this band or this genre. Songs such as “Pride” introduce a sound that is similar to the Brit pop bands of the Nineties, coupled with Seventies style stadium rock, served with a modern twist. It also contains the kind of KISS sound that made people realize that the 70s icons did in fact know how to write good rock music. “Pride” is a highlight on an album filled with highs.

The blues element to this band hasn’t gone away on this album either. It can be heard on most of the tracks, but especially on songs such as “Cry Out,” “Why’d You Change Your Mind,” and “Tonight.” The blues edge is a real treat for fans of bands like Free to Bad Co, who thought that the music they loved had become extinct.
The album also contains a strong ballad in the form of “Comfort Zone,” which sounds like it was made to be performed to sold out stadiums. The song has a strange relaxing quality to it, while not losing any of the balls the band have held onto throughout the album. A reminder that rock ballads can actually be good.

Originally released 2009, “Everyday Demons” hasn’t lost an inch of its power: this is timeless rock n’ roll.
The rock the band play here is called “classic,” not only because it defined a movement for a generation, but also because it stood the test of time. The members of THE ANSWER seem to understand that better than most.
Highly Recommended


01 – Demon Eyes
02 – Too Far Gone
03 – On & On
04 – Cry Out
05 – Why’d You Change Your Mind
06 – Pride
07 – Walkin’ Mat
08 – Tonight
09 – Dead of the Night
10 – Comfort Zone
11 – Evil Man

Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Cormac Neeson
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Mahon
Bass, Vocals – Micky Waters
Drums, Vocals – James Heatley
Mixed by Mike Fraser & Tim Palmer



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  1. Ray says:

    I thought these guys were going to be big. Saw them open for AC/DC.

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