SHOTGUN EXPRESS – Gypsy Blues (out of print)

SHOTGUN EXPRESS - Gypsy Blues (2012)

As requested, here’s Stuttgart-based hard rockers SHOTGUN EXPRESS debut CD “Gypsy Blues” released 2012, unfortunately their only album as they disbanded soon. The Cd is out of print, fetching over $165 at Amazon.
Despite being German, this quintet formed by young musicians play ’80s American bluesy Hard Rock with a potent sound, where the major influences are Guns ‘N Roses meets Skid Row & Cinderella.
The first thing that gratefully impress you is the very good production, managed by themselves. It helps a lot the mix handled by Pelle Saether (Grand Design vocalist) made in Studio Underground, Sweden. There’s some guest performances by THE QUIREBOYS Piano player Keith Weir, SAIDIAN Keyboarder Markus Bohr, and melodic rockers PUMP singer Marcus Jürgens on backing vocals.

Musically, the band has also learned perfectly the Eighties US lesson on how to write and arrange songs in this style, playing them all with fire and conviction. Diamond Flow is a charismatic singer with all the swagger needed, and the hot twin guitar attack is fully Marshall-valve induced.
The first trio of songs are really striking and catchy as hell. Opener “Shotgun Express” gets you back to Skid Row’s ’80s gritty days with this freight train hard rocker full of energy.

“From the Gutter” has a similar punch, decorated with cool cowbell and non-politically correct lyrics, while title track “Gypsy Blues” adds a high dose of hard-blues to the mix. The song features a great guest appearance of Quireboy’s Keith Weir contributing with a really nice honky-tonk piano.
“Gentleman” is more modern but not exempt of the Sunset Blvd. kick. Same with “Victory Or Death” and the gang-backing vocals fueled “L.A.M.F.”.
“Angel Without Wings” is one of these ballads with a strong acoustic guitar upfront in the mix, with the vocals weaving the melody in the background. Realy nice.
For the end, the band takes some risks covering Percy Sledge’s classic “When a Man Loves a Woman”, obviously with a bluesy approach.

At the end of the day, “Gypsy Blues” is a more than strong debut by Shotgun Express, a band who knows how to write & play classic US bluesy hard rock with style. This is not a minor accomplishment for an Euro band formed by young musicians at the start of their career.
Shotgun Express had the ‘fire’ and hungry for glory, an excellent vehicle for their well written songs and solid musicianship. The production is truly great for an indie, to be honest, much better than other ‘big names’ recent releases in this genre.
If wild, unrestrained, finely written & played US bluesy hard rock akin early Skid Row / G’NR is your thing, don’t miss “Gypsy Blues”, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Highly Recommended


01 – Shotgun Express
02 – From the Gutter
03 – Gypsy Blues
04 – Gentleman
05 – Angel Without Wings
06 – A Wasted Life
07 – Victory or Death
08 – L.A.M.F.
09 – Suicide
10 – When a Man Loves a Woman

Diamond Flow – Vocals
Johnny Cobra – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Scott Damn – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robin Robben – Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Lush – Drums

Keith Weir (The Quireboys) – Piano
Mark Bohr (Saidian) – Keyboards
Marcus Jürgens (Pump) – Backing Vocals


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