OLD GODS OF ASGARD – Rebirth Greatest Hits (2023)

OLD GODS OF ASGARD - Rebirth Greatest Hits (2023) - full

Do you like video games? Player or not, it isn’t a mystery that the industry moves billions per year, with new games becoming more and more sophisticated. And the music featured is top class produced. On of the bands writing & performing video-games music for almost two decades is OLD GODS OF ASGARD.
OLD GODS OF ASGARD is the alter ego of well known Finnish band POETS OF THE FALL. And now are releasing “Rebirth: Greatest Hits” a compilation of songs recorded by the band for Remedy Entertainment one of Finland’s most successful gaming companies.
“Rebirth: Greatest Hits” includes songs from the Games ‘Alan Wake’ 1 & 2, and ‘Control’, plus new tracks. Musically this is melodic rock with a special atmosphere to fit the games, very well done and with a very distinctive, interesting feeling.
OLD GODS OF ASGARD became so gig and well know that the band performs live shows with great success.

Some of the new songs will be featured on the upcoming Remedy’s game ”Alan Wake 2”. OLD GODS OF ASGARD / POETS OF THE FALL are appearing for the first time in ”Alan Wake 2” as characters into the game.
The band has its own story, history, and mythology within the universe of Remedy’s games. The lyrics of the songs are closely related to the game’s plot and provide hints to players. The band was last heard in Remedy’s Control game in 2019, with the unique “Take Control” song being the first interactive rock song that changes with the game situation during a long battle scene.

The entire collaboration with Remedy began in 2003 with the game Max Payne 2, which featured the band’s first song, the hit “Late Goodbye.” It won the “Grammy of the gaming world,” the G.A.N.G. Award for the best pop song in a video game. It was a great start for both the band’s career and their collaboration with Remedy.

Give “Rebirth: Greatest Hits”, you’ll be surprised by its quality.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Skald Awakens
02 – Dark Ocean Summoning
03 – Children of the Elder God
04 – The Poet and the Muse
05 – Balance Slays the Demon
06 – Anger’s Remorse
07 – Herald of Darkness (feat. Alan Wake & Mr. Door)
08 – Take Control
09 – The Sea of Night

Marko Saaresto – vocals, guitar
Olli Tukiainen – guitar, bass, synths
Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen – keyboards, drums



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