MIKE TRAMP – For Første Gang (2022)

MIKE TRAMP - For Første Gang (2022) full

For Første Gang” (‘For the First Time’) is the upcoming new studio album from singer / songwriter MIKE TRAMP (ex-White Lion, Freak Of Nature) the first time Tramp records and releases an album entirely in his native Danish, a language close to his heart. The recording line-up features the impressive Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Electric Guitars) and Morten Hellborn (Electric Guitars).
While some may find the Danish lyrics a bit distracting, you can’t resist Tramp’s passionate performance, the melodic rock vibe of the songs, and the emotional feeling of the ballads included into this organic album.

To make an album like this, you don’t need the big master plan. Sometimes it is the moment that opens the door to take such a step. In the case of ‘For Første gang’ it was Lars Daneskov, who knows Tramp very well because of his work on ‘Vagabond’, who sent the singer some lyrics to a song.
This was the spark that started the work on ‘For Første Gang / For the First Time’.

Although Tramp did not write the lyrics himself, the album is still a very personal one, mainly because of Tramp’s voice. The singer makes the songs his own and delivers an authentic mood which gives each of the ten tracks a lot of depth.
Looking at the music, this album is in the realm of soulful melodic rock; music where emotions are emphasized. Sometimes Tramp is going to work swinging, like in the rocking ‘Vejkort’. And it’s songs like ‘Min By’ that express the really big feelings.

‘For Første gang’ is the somewhat different Mike Tramp album. Rock music, sometimes gentle and sometimes louder is what comes to full bloom on this longplayer. Those who dig Mike Tramp’s career and emotional rock music with depth should definitely get this album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Det Jeg Var
02 – Vejkort
03 – For Første Gang For Altid
04 – Jeg Holder Fast
05 – Drømme
06 – Hjem
07 – Kys Jeg Ikke Gav
08 – Flamme Og Benzin
09 – Min By
10 – Album

Mike Tramp – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Soren Andersen – guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Morten Hellborn – drums, percussion


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