PURPENDICULAR feat. Ian Paice – Human Mechanic (2022)

PURPENDICULAR feat. Ian Paice - Human Mechanic (2022 - full

Metalville Records welcomes to their rooster PURPENDICULAR feat. Ian Paice with their new studio album “Human Mechanic”. PURPENDICULAR was formed in 2007 by Irish Robby Thomas Walsh, a vocalist with over 25 years experience and since the band’s  first tour features original Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice.
Ian had become attached to PURPENDICULAR due to the reliable musicianship at hand and his friendship with Robby who were incidentally introduced together before their first show in Vienna, Austria, in 2004.

By 2012 PURPENDICULAR was the most booked Deep Purple tribute show in the world, working with great musicians such as Roger Glover on bass, ex- Rainbow Tony Carey on the album ‘Venus to Volcanus’, and Neil Murray (ex Black Sabbath, Whitesnake) joining the full tour on bass in 2021.

In 2020, PURPENDICULAR began work on their third studio album of originals, ”Human Mechanic”. Walsh and Paice made important decisions regarding the line-up to move forward. Unfortunately, the album itself was delayed by almost two years because of Covid.
Musically, “Human Mechanic” offers the typical Ian Paice grooves, funky bass lines, melodic guitar riffs and classy vocals in the traditional hard rock sound. You won’t find a copy of Deep Purple here, but many influences.

Beginning as the top Deep Purple tribute act, Perpendicular has morphed into a band that carries on the legacy and musical gravitas of Deep Purple while adding their own flavor and style to their music. The original tracks are clearly influenced by the sounds of the original band, yet it is not done in a copy-cat type of way. It doesn’t feel forced or unoriginal but rather fresh, innovative and comfortable.

Funky, bluesy and mystic grooves that drive the album all the way down such as “Ghost” “Something Magical” and “Made of Steel” & flawless instrumentation from everyone involved, including Deep Purple’s own and only consistent member throughout, Ian Paice.
As a drummer myself, I must say it is beyond inspiring to hear Paice absolutely holding down the groove flawlessly at nearly 75 years old. He still has that signature flare and feel to his playing all these years later and shows no signs of slowing down.

For me personally, the most important aspect of this album is that it doesn’t feel like a retread or rip-off of Deep Purple as some may claim. As I stated earlier, it feels like an original bluesy hard rock album, influenced by the sounds of Deep Purple and designed to carry on their mighty legacy for years to come.

Perpendicular’s “Human Mechanic” is a simply phenomenal rock album and a true treat for fans of classic, traditional hard rock. If anyone feels they do not get enough classic rock music these dayss, you have found your fix.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Nothing Box
02 – Ghost
03 – No One’s Getting Out Alive
04 – Something Magical
05 – Human Mechanic
06 – TV Stars And Internet Freaks
07 – Made of Steel
08 – Soul to Soul
09 – Four Stone Walls
10 – Passing Through (Instrumental)

Robby Thomas Walsh – Vocals
Christoph Kogler – Hammond, Keyboards
Herbert Bucher – Guitars
Nick Fyffe – Bass
Ian Paice – Drums


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