JADED HEART – Heart Attack (2022)

JADED HEART - Heart Attack (2022) - full

Formed in the ’90s, the now German / Swedish combo JADED HEART are back with their new album “Heart Attack“, which is heavily influenced by 80’s hard rock. The new CD was recorded with the most natural sound possible, and neither drum samples or computers were used during the recordings, aiming for a classic sonic feel.
Indeed, “Heart Attack” turned out very melodic and really heavy at the same time and comes with a modern sound. This time, the even band co-wrote songs with some of their friends, namely with Sascha Gerstner (Helloween) the track “Right Now”, and with Rupert Keplinger (Eisbrecher) the title track “Heart Attack”. Niklas Dahlin, from Swedish act Insania, is playing a guitar solo on “Right Now”.

Robust riffs, melodious hooks and a lot of power, that’s what Jaded Heart is all about in 2022. Already opener ‘Blood Red Skies’ shows the direction of the journey. A powerful rhythm section and rocking guitars are what makes the song to a good entry into the new record.
Also the thundering ‘Sweet Sensation’ shows that we are dealing with a very solid working band whose music spreads fun and in good mood. There’s rapid fire with hard rocker ‘Lady Spider’, before a harmonic chorus brings the band’s roots back to the fore.

With ‘Descent’ Jaded Heart offer an eight-minute monolith, in which they demonstrate that not only cool hooks are the motto but also songwriting skills come to light. The glorious ’80s shine through more than once here.
‘Remnants of Before’ is next on the batting order. The song starts softly and acoustically, but picks up speed in a hurry. It is a melodic stomper that comes across layered all over.

Jaded Heart have recorded an album that reflects the band’s current sound and clearly shows a connection to ’80s hard rock / hard n’ heavy. Even if neither sound nor style provide surprises, it is the quality of the songs and the well-made combination of metallic hardness and melody, which make ”Heart Attack” a well-done, effective and entertaining album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Blood Red Skies
02 – Sweet Sensation
03 – Heart Attack
04 – Harvester Unknown
05 – Lady Spider
06 – Descent
07 – Remnants Of Before
08 – Right Now (feat. Niklas Dahlin)
09 – It’s About Time
10 – Bridges Are Burning
11 – Midnight Stalker

Johan Fahlberg – Vocals
Michael Müller – Bass
Peter Östros – Guitars
Bodo Stricker – Drums
Masa Eto – Guitars


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