JACK J HUTCHINSON – Battles (2024) *HQ*

JACK J HUTCHINSON - Battles (2024) *HQ* - full

Described by Classic Rock Magazine as “a real rock contender”, London based rock guitarist and songwriter JACK J HUTCHINSON has toured internationally, sharing stages with acts such as ZZ Top, Bad Company, Kris Barras Band, Blackberry Smoke and more.
His new album titled “Battles” produced & co-written with Josiah J Manning (Kris Barras Band, Inglorious) brings to mind these bands, plenty of hot guitar riffs, hard rocking bluesy melodies and catchy choruses.
The foot-to-the-floor album opener “Constellations”, with its Zakk Wylde crunching guitars and frenetic solo, is a great introduction to this. “Bullets” is a no nonsense hard rocker with a take-no-prisoners, positive attitude; a polished hook; and a short but sweet demonstration of Hutchinson’s axeman abilities. As is “Rip It Up”, a lively slab of heavy rock with a whiff of Slash about it.

You may have heard its ilk many times before, but the solid songwriting, musicianship and the consummate production stops it sliding into mediocrity. Case in point being the irresistible “Don’t Let The Fuckers Get You Down”, with its slinky riff and propulsive cowbell-infused beat.
It is not all furious guitars and pounding drums. “Road To Hell” is a slower number with soul-baring lyrics and a slow burning melody whose charms grow after each listen.

There are a few ballads, the best of which is the radio-friendly “Love Is The Law” with its lush, silky smooth hooks and an easy going solo. The lighter-waving “Stay With Me” is the other one, showing how far Hutchinson has progressed musically. From the vocals through to the harmonies and subtle guitar, this song screams class.

The one word you can use for this collection is “consistent”. There are no obvious dips in quality. Indeed, the more you listen to it, the better it gets. There’s a skill here and a quality that you cannot ignore. And if we haven’t said JJH is a marvelous guitarist yet (because it’s something of a given) then the time to say it is just about now.

10 songs – and under 40 minutes so easily able to fit on one side of a C90 cassette if we are able to torture the tape thing one more time. “Battles” is the type of record that people would tape for their mates back in the ’80s and go “Have you heard….? “You must hear…..”
Jack J Hutchinson is too good to go under the radar much longer.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Constellations
02 – Days Are Gone
03 – Bullets
04 – Road To Hell
05 – Running On Empty
06 – Rip It Up
07 – Love Is The Law
08 – Don’t Let The F*** Get You Down
09 – Overdrive
10 – Stay With Me

Jack J Hutchinson – vocals, guitars
Josiah J Manning – bass
Billy Hammett – drums


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