TANIA KIKIDI – Wings Of Freedom (2023)

TANIA KIKIDI - Wings Of Freedom (2023) - full

Wings Of Freedom” is the new studio disc by TANIA KIKIDI, the pretty amazing female hard rock vocalist from Greece who already pleased us two years ago with her previous CD featured at 0dayrox. This fresh powerful disc is her second collaboration with Greek riff-master Stavros Papadopoulos who wrote, produced & play guitar on these 12 tracks of world-class, dynamic, classic hard rockin’ heavy guitar fueled songs that showcase both Tania’s brilliant voice and Stavros’ bad-ass six string skills.
Tania is an accomplished vocalist which a flexibility that let her sung / recorded many different styles of music, including Pop, Jazz, Rock, Hard & Heavy, even Traditional Greek Music.
But she’s a rocker at heart and “Wings Of Freedom” is a proof; a sexy hard rockin’ Greek metal queen goddess who was born to rock. Do you miss your late ’80s / early ’90s hard rock style & sound akin Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, Doro, Saraya? This album delivers… and strongly.

Tania work all over “Wings Of Freedom” is impressive, a captivating musical performer who’s vocal talent is limitless and undeniable. Tania’s vocal passion rides high with precision, power & melody and an epic range that reaches for the sky and she definitely flies high and shines on cuts like ‘Rise’, ‘Loud And Proud’, ‘Breaking It Down’, ‘Foolish Lover’ and the very good ballad ‘Sea Of Tears’.
Then we have Stavros Papadopulos (Super Vintage, Revolution Highway), a prolific modern day guitar hero; a true, legit axe-rippin’ riff master who not only know all the 70s / 80s / 90s guitar tricks but also is really talented at the time of writing infectious, catchy melodic rocking songs.

“Wings Of Freedom” has been recorded & produced with a modern bright production sound, but don’t be fooled, these songs scream late ’80s female fronted melodic/hard and all are varied and very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rise
02 – Wings Of Freedom
03 – Loud And Proud
04 – Broken Dreams
05 – High Road Easy
06 – Heart Painted Blue
07 – Confession
08 – Breaking It Down
09 – Bleed
10 – Pain
11 – Foolish Lover
12 – Sea Of Tears

Tania Kikidi: lead and backing vocals, drums
Stavros Papadopoulos: guitars, bass, producer
Spiros Ligonis: drums
Sakis Tassis: bass, keyboards



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