SMASHED GLADYS – Social Intercourse [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

SMASHED GLADYS - Social Intercourse [Rock Candy remastered] full

Here we have the not easy to find Rock Candy Records remastered reissue of “Social Intercourse“, SMASHED GLADYS major label LP from 1988. Fronted by the wildly enigmatic Sally Cato, Smashed Gladys was one of the most important contributors to the ’80s US glam scene, at least speaking of female-fronted glammy hard rock.
Although all this glitter and glamour started at the sunny East Coast, we also saw some action in New York in the mid-Eighties. Actually, Smashed Gladys originally born in 1983 in Toronto, Canada, but pretty soon after they will settle themselves in New York.
Once there, helped by KISS’ Gene Simmons, the band jumps on the bandwagon of the glam scene. No, they never got really famous. But they accomplished some nice things in their five-year career.

Sally Cato was the brain of the band, she wrote most of the lyrics and came up with most of the ideas for the songs. Before this, she did a sexy photo shoot with the guys from Motley Crue and also appeared in their clip “Too Young To Fall In Love”.
It’s not totally clear if her looks or the band’s musical qualities were responsible for the fact that nobody else but KISS boss Gene Simmons offered the band a production / management deal. In these days, KISS was also moving a bit towards the glamour side of the rock scene with their album ‘Lick It Up’ and it was Gene who presented Smashed Gladys to the ‘Heavy Metal America’ indie label. They were quite impressed.

Smashed Gladys got a record deal, an American band signed to a Wolverhampton based English record company. Quite strange for the era especially considering Smashed Gladys’ sound and being fronted by a woman.
The label did not provided too much support but at least the band’s 1985 debut “Smashed Gladys” – including ten sleazy street rock songs – put them on the map and Smashed Gladys worked up a bad-as-can-be reputation on the club circuit and toured with the likes of Cheap Trick, Nazareth and others.

Smashed Gladys’ hot shows led to a recording contract with giants Elektra Records. The new LP  produced by Ric Browde (Poison, Faster Pussycat) and originally issued in 1988 titled “Social Intercourse” was immediately hailed as a cult glam sleazy classic, attracting mouth watering reviews and an acknowledgement that Smashed Gladys were teetering on the edge of something very special indeed.

SMASHED GLADYS - Social Intercourse [Rock Candy remastered] back

Honestly, I did not listened “Social Intercourse” back in the day. Several years after I checked the album but in randomly tracks, but now playing for the third time in a row this Rock Candy remaster I am truly impressed.
Despite my initial belief of Smashed Gladys being a dirty sleazy outfit, “Social Intercourse” is in fact a very polished hair metal record with a glossy production.

The band has lots of ‘bad boy attitude’ (or in this case, woman) and a punchy delivery, but the whole thing is very melodic and pretty catchy. And all songs are very good and really well arranged with all that classic Sunset Strip magic. They even got Ozzy providing backing vocals, another artist having Smashed Gladys as live support act.

Sadly, through no fault of their own, success slipped through Smashed Gladys’ grasp, leaving us with little more than a glance at what could have been.
“Social Intercourse” is a darn fine and entertaining slice of female fronted sleazy-glammy hard rock from the ’80s US scene, regarded as cult classic and remastered with excellent results.
Highly Recommended


01 – Lick It Into Shape
02 – 17 Goin’ On Crazy
03 – Play Dirty
04 – Dive In The Dark
05 – Eye Of The Storm
06 – Hard To Swallow
07 – Legs Up
08 – Eye For An Eye
09 – Cast Of Nasties (feat Ozzy Osbourne)
10 – Sermonette

Sally Cato: lead vocals
Bart Lewis: guitars, backing vocals
Roger Lane: guitars, backing vocals
J.D. Malo: bass, backing vocals
Matt Steluto: drums, backing vocals
additional musicians:
John Ray Sierra: keyboards
Bob Kinkel: Emulator
Ozzy Osbourne: backing vocals


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