HELL & THEN – Relentless Resistance (2022) *Exclusive*

HELL & THEN - Relentless Resistance (2022) - full

HELL & THEN is a five piece Melodic Rock / AOR band officially born in 2014 that comes from the beating heart of Italy formed by lead singer is Isabella “Leezy” Nuti, the guitarist is Niccolò “Nox” Moscatelli, the bassist is Ennio Gaggiotti, the drummer is Valerio Branco and last but not least, at the keyboard Nicoló Sannipoli.
Their debut release ”Relentless Resistance” has a title that speaks for itself; the band was ready to launch music late 2019 and then pandemic stopped all. However HELL & THEN didn’t give up.
Despite their name, HELL & THEN’s music is not metal at all but melodic and plenty of harmonies. This is ’80s inspired stuff with cool guitar work, keyboard splashes and catchy choruses. The band mention the likes of Danger Danger, Winger, Warrant, etc, as influence.

Over the years, the line-up changed several times before reaching the one just enlisted before, which is perfect and also, the most productive. All the five members are united, and they strongly believe that their fresh and innovative music will arrive straight to the heart of the listeners. During 2021 the band has released two original singles and an official cover for Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood”.
At the beginning of 2022 Hell & Then released another original single called “Curtains Close”. However, November 2022 will be the most important month for the band because there will be a double release, that is their first EP “Relentless Resistance”.

Opener mid-tempo rocker ‘Burden on Me’ has elements from the current Scandinavian scene but also a feeling similar to late ’80s acts, especially on the catchy chorus. “Wild Hot Night” is a favorite as the AOR factor appear, from the pumping bass lines, the swirling keys and the more clean vocal phrasing.
‘Curtains Close’ is faster but poppy melodic rock in spirit, a catchy tune again incorporating a modern Swedish melodic rock sound alongside the Eighties vibe.
The song ‘Hell & Then’, titled as the band, is the heavier so far. It’s driven by a strong riff and a hard rock groove, but at the chorus gets very melodic.

As proof of Hell & Then love for ’80s melodic hard rock they do a cover of Motley Crue classic ‘Dr. Feelgood’, very well done adding their own touch; namely more melodious vocals and keyboard arrangements.
Next we find rough mixes of some songs, which in fact are different, early recordings showcasing a more edgy sound, something that would be closer to Hell & Then when performs live.

Hell & Then is a very promising new band from Italy, a land with immense love for ’80s melodic rock / AOR sound & style. ”Relentless Resistance” is a very cool first effort, hope there’s a second delivery soon.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Burden on Me
02 – Wild Hot Night
03 – Curtains Close
04 – Hell & Then
05 – Dr. Feelgood [Motley Crue cover]
06 – Wild Hot Night (Rough Mix)
07 – Curtains Close (Rough Mix)
08 – Hell & Then (Rough Mix)

Leezy – vocals
Nox – guitar
Nick – keyboards
Valerio – drums
Ennio – bass



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