ISOM – Hearts On Fire [1987 – Previously Unreleased / Retrospect release]

ISOM - Hearts On Fire [1987 - Previously Unreleased / Retrospect release] - full

Formerly known as “Valentino”, ISOM recorded amazing songs back in 1987 and toured relentlessly up and down the East Coast. Criminally overlooked by the major record companies, unfortunately the band was short-lived and lead vocalist Mark Isom would go on to collaborate with ex-Malice members for the fantastic monster album entiled “Through the Eyes of the World”.
Retrospect Records unearthed this lovely ’80s lost piece under the title “Hearts On Fire” for all fans of the era rejoice: from uptempo AOR tunes to heartfelt power ballads what we have here is pure melodic bliss; massive hooks, passionate vocals, extremely tasty guitar work and lavish keyboards.

These songs were written between 1984-1987 – the golden era for US AOR / Melodic rock, so expect here that vibrant feel and smooth melodies. Despite being recorded on a budget, the tracks on ”Hearts On Fire” are pretty well produced and the overall sound quality is fine.
It’s a shame ISOM never got the chance, they were very good.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Your Eyes
02. Heart Break
03. The Last Goodbye
04. Ready to Rumble
05. Hearts on Fire
06. Love Affair
07. Summer Time
08. Stay
09. Late At Night
10. Danger Zone
11. Hold Back

Mark Isom – Lead Vocals
Joseph Chiechi – Guitar
Randy Isom – Bass
Rick Bottari – Keyboards
Eddie Driscoll – Drums
Bob Hatton – Guitar
Zaul Zonnana – Bass
Rick Cernaglia – Guitar
Anthony Lamontara – Drums


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