ROAD RATT – Going To Eden [second unreleased album] (2022)

ROAD RATT - Going To Eden (2022) - full

Formed in the late Eighties, Swedish melodic rockers ROAD RATT released their debut in 1992, a self-titled effort also known as “Reel 2” and “RealCD 2”. With a style mixing American and European classic riffs, the album was successful in Scandinavia with Road Ratt being nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the category Best Hard Rock Album, nominated for Best Newcomer & Best Album at Swedish Zeppelin-Awards, and performed live at MTV’s Headbangers Ball.
After touring Europe, work began on a second album but the grunge scene was taking over and the band members started on side projects resulting in lack of commitment. The album with the working title “Young Nurses In Love” never made the finish line, and the saga was over.
Now the band are releasing by themselves that second album, titled as one of the songs, “Going To Eden“.

After their successful self-titled debut, Road Ratt toured all over Sweden, including playing in front of about 25.000 people at Stockholm Water Festival when the new Swedish fighter aircraft JAS 39 Gripen came crashing down during a display. Despite the large crowd attending the festival no one was hurt.
After touring, in 1993 work began on a second album but the grunge scene was taking over and while thinking the musical direction to take, some band members started on side projects.

Singer Christer Ortefors encouraged the guys and with some other musicians collaborating, Road Ratt recorded the new songs, demos, but done into a professional studio with very good production standards.
These are the songs into this “Going To Eden”, the second album that never was, because Road Ratt broke up in 1995.

The tracks are less ‘crunchy’ than the debut album in favor to a more melodic, poppy melodic rock. As example, “She Said She Said” has a Cheap Trick heart in the verses, “Ask Yourself” is a trippy rocker with a bit of Enuff Z’Nuff, while “Man On The Moon” explores a more classic rock atmosphere.
There’s still sharp melodic hard rockers, like the groovy “I’d Rather Do It With The Dog” or “Hey Now”, and a personal favorite, the bass pumping melodic rocker “Would You Like To” sporting great verses and a catchy chorus.

Some years ago there songs were released on CD by a small Australian label but now it’s out of print. So it’s nice to see – and hear – Road Ratt’s second, unreleased album finally available.
Cool stuff!


01 – Going To Eden
02 – Man On The Moon
03 – I’d Rather Do It With The Dog
04 – Lizard
05 – She Said She Said
06 – Would You Like To
07 – Fish
08 – Ask Yourself
09 – Boat Across The River
10 – Hey Now

Christer Ortefors – lead vocals, guitar
Fredrik Stenberg – guitar
Ola Johansson – bass, background vocals
Patrik Herrstrom – drums



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