BIG CITY – Sunwind Sails (2023)

BIG CITY - Sunwind Sails (2023) - full

Released by Frontiers Music, “Sunwind Sails” is the new album of BIG CITY. Hailing from Norway, Big City plays exquisite melodic hard rock with metal influences. 2021’s “Testify X” was the first Big City album to feature the band’s extremely talented new vocalist, Jørgen Bergersen. Jørgen had cut his teeth in a Europe cover band, which will give you a sense of his vocal style, and quickly impressed when singing original material for Big City.
On the band’s new album “Sundwind Sails”, the band takes all the elements they’ve established on preceding releases and kicks everything up a notch, pushing their sound forward and accentuating their collective talents.


01 – I’m Somebody
02 – Sons of Desire
03 – Human Mind
04 – Collin’s Looking for a Hideout
05 – Diamond in the Rough
06 – Now
07 – After the Raid
08 – Sunwind Sails
09 – Silver Line
10 – Sparks of Eternity

Jørgen Bergersen- Vocals
Daniel Olaisen – Rhythm, lead, & acoustic guitars
Frank Ørland – Lead, rhythm, & acoustic guitars
Miguel Pereira – Bass
Frank Nordeng Røe – Drums & percussion


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