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TYKETTO - Don't Come Easy [Rock Candy remastered +1] full

2016 hit the 25th Anniversary of “Don’t Come Easy“, the awesome debut from TYKETTO. To celebrate the event, Rock Candy Records released a fully digitally remastered edition of the album plus the terrific bonus track “Walk Away”.
As requested, here’s the definitive version of this terrific melodic hard rock album.

The early ’90s presented a massive challenge to a number of melodic rock bands. The musical climate was being transformed by a rush of angry young men playing a stripped down form of rock, less influenced by style and bravado, and built mainly on angst and melancholy.
For Tyketto this landscape meant that their arrival would be subjected to a chilly reception from a media obsessed with trends and fads.

The fact that Tyketto were out of step with the prevailing musical winds didn’t mean to say that their music was anything less than spectacular.
Indeed, their style and execution caused major excitement amongst connoisseurs of the genre, leading many to proclaim the album as one of the best records of the entire movement.

Formed in the late ’80s, this New Jersey four piece had links to well known groups such as White Lion and Waysted. Impressing a number of labels with their own meticulous style of melodic hard rock, they signed to industry giant Geffen Records and cut this, their debut album, with renowned producer Richie Zito (Heart, Bad English, Poison, etc).
Inexplicably, the label sat on the completed record for over a year before releasing it.

Anyway, opening track ‘Forever Young’ was a staple on the nationally syndicated Z-Rock hard rock radio station, and was getting airplay on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball back in the day.
‘Wings’ was also another semi hit for the band and also had a video on MTV. Danny Vaughn sounds great on this track and is one of my favorites here.
But to be fair, all tracks on the album are pure gold.

‘Burning Down Inside’ is an excellent pop metal tune. Once again, Danny Vaughn’s voice shines here. Brooke St.James delivers some nice Neal Schon / Journey riffs, and the main melody is fabulous.

‘Standing Alone’ is the third single released from “Don’t Come Easy”, the great great power ballad from this disc and another highlight.
‘Seasons’ is an outstanding acoustic guitar based melodic rock song. It should have been massive if released as single. It really is that good.

TYKETTO - Don't Come Easy [Rock Candy remastered +1] booklet

Simply put, “Don’t Come Easy” is one of the best US Melodic Rock / Melodic Hard of all time. Production is top notch, all songs are diamonds, and the band sounds like a million bucks.
Danny Vaughn’s voice is fantastic throughout the whole recording, while the entire band is solid as a rock. If released a couple of years earlier, this album would have been multi-platinum.

The Rock Candy remastering treatment is pristine & clear. If you don’t own this, the time to get it is now!


01 – Forever Young
02 – Wings
03 – Burning Down Inside
04 – Seasons
05 – Standing Alone
06 – Lay Your Body Down
07 – Walk On Fire
08 – Nothing But Love
09 – Strip Me Down
10 – Sail Away
11 – Walk Away

Danny Vaughn – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Brooke St James – Guitar, Vocals
Jimi Kennedy – Bass, Vocals
Michael Clayton – Drums, Vocals



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