REXORIA – Imperial Dawn (2023)

REXORIA - Imperial Dawn (2023) - full

Swedes REXORIA are about to release their new album “Imperial Dawn“. While the band is being sold as ‘power metal’, in fact REXORIA, and especially “Imperial Dawn”, is pure melodic metal with hard rock grooves and a huge, bombastic sound production.
The songs on the new album are mostly around the 3 and half minutes, punchy, to the point, just short, effective tunes plenty of strong melodies, heavy riffs and swirling keyboards. And of course the powerful female lead voice of Frida Ohlin.
It’s been really a while since a so energetic and exciting album from this genre don’t pop up here.
The album is mixed by Stefan Hellblad from Within Temptation and mastered by Thomas ”Plec” Johansson which guarantees top quality.


01 – Paradigm
02 – The New Revelation
03 – Devious Desire
04 – Rage and Madness
05 – Fading Rose
06 – Light up the Sky
07 – Horizon
08 – Set Me on Fire
09 – Crushing for More
10 – Enchanted Island

Frida Ohlin – Lead Vocals
Jonas Gustavsson – Guitars, Bass
Martin Gustavsson – Drums
Cristofer Svensson – Guitars


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