STRYKEN – Blitzkrieg ’83 [digitally remastered +2] (2022)

STRYKEN - Blitzkrieg '83 [digitally remastered +2] (2022) - full

Alongside the STRYKEN CD titled ‘Once Lost… Now Found’ which includes the band’s 1987 ‘First Strike’ LP plus unreleased material, Retroactive Records also released a remastered reissue of the band’s first album, 1983-84’s “Blitzkrieg“, when still operated under the name ‘Stryker’ (before Stryper asked them to change it, switching the last letter in their name from an “r” to an “n”).
“Blitzkrieg” was initially released via Polygraph Records on cassette with plans to release on vinyl however, the album never was pressed on that format. This first time on CD release includes as bonus tracks two different versions of the song ‘Right of Way’ (Keyboard Version & Original Version) taken from Stryker 1981 rare 4 song EP.
Musically “Blitzkrieg” is glam / hard rock with a very commercial sound hearing slight influences of bands like KISS, Mott The Hoople, Queen, even The Cars. While Stryker / Stryken were part of CCM scene, lyrically, this release just doesn’t come off as sounding Christian per se.

Produced by the band and recorded at Third Coast Sound in Austin, Texas, the album included interesting arrangements on songs like “Right Of Way” and “Circus Man”, while holding onto their power-pop melodic fun with “I’m Alright” and “It’s Over.” There’s a little late Seventies glam as well on tunes like “Need Your Love” or “Surprise”.
The production on the original release was on a budget, but is helped quit a bit here by the remastering.
Highly Recommended


01 – Right of Way (Keyboard Version)
02 – Cross the Line
03 – Look Away
04 – Need Your Love
05 – Circus Man
06 – Surprise
07 – Played
08 – I’m Alright
09 – It’s Over
10 – Blitzkrieg (Prelude)
11 – Right of Way (Original Version)

Dale Streiker – Vocals, Guitars
Stephen Streiker – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Joey Knight – Drums
David Kurowski – Bass



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