CHRIS ANTBLAD – The End of the Beginning (2023)

CHRIS ANTBLAD - The End of the Beginning (2023) - full

Swede CHRIS ANTBLAD is a prolific songwriter and as owner of his own studio and being a skilful producer, lately has been regularly gracing us with new albums such as his Age Of Concord series. His latest effort “The End of the Beginning” was completed at the end of past year, but effectively available early 2023.

As usual, throughout this new album Antblad put us under the spell of beautiful melodies, songs with addictive refrains starting with the mid-tempo ‘Deep in your eyes’ which takes us back to the best of the ’80s, then with the catchy rhythms of ‘You started something new’, ‘I Will never run’, the carefree ‘Summeryoung’, ‘The one that got away’ or even ‘She is waiting by the telephone’.
And no mystery at all, Antblad also has a talent for quieter compositions, and on this album, we can mention the smooth ‘Now when the brighter days are gone’, the indeed dreamy ‘Maybe I’m dreaming’, and the ballad ‘We had it all’.

Chris Antblad once again takes us into his endearing universe with new catchy melodies running through your ears at first listen, and which perpetuate this mix of pop and melodic rock that has now become timeless.
Highly Recommended


01 – Deep in your eyes
02 – You started something new
03 – Now when the brighter days are gone
04 – They don’t live here anymore
05 – I will never run
06 – Maybe I’m dreaming
07 – We had it all
08 – Summeryoung
09 – The one that got away
10 – She is waiting by the telephone

Chris Antblad – all vocals and instruments



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