GANAFOUL – Full Speed Ahead [Bad Reputation Records remaster +4] (2022)

GANAFOUL - Full Speed Ahead [Bad Reputation Records remaster +4] (2022) - full

GANAFOUL were part of the Seventies French hard rock scene pretty influenced by the arena / stadium rock from the era. Inspired and formed during the explosion of the likes of Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, Thin Lizzy, etc, originally the band was composed of five members, but later became a trio: Jack Bon on vocals / guitars, Jean-Yves Astier on bass and Yves Rothacher on drums. Just before the recording of their 1978 LP “Full Speed Ahead” the latter leaves the band and is replaced by Bernard Antoine.
Now this lost album has been remastered by Bad Reputation specialists including 4 bonus tracks captured live, showcasing how good these guys were on stage. With English lyrics, mixing hard rock, blues, some boogie, with riffs combining influences from AC/DC or Status Quo, this is entertaining rock n’ roll for fans of ’70s classic rock.

”Full Speed Ahead” was recorded in Angers at the Loury Studios in August and September 1978 and released in October 1978. Drummer Bernard Antoine learned the band’s repertoire by listening to tapes while the original trio was touring for a series of concerts. The album contains nine tracks, eight written by vocalist / guitarist Jack Bon and a cover of the song ‘I’m A King Bee’ by bluesman Slim Harpo.

Opening title track ‘Full Speed Ahead’ announces a riffs-driven LP without concession. A hoarse voice made of sleepless nights, endless concerts and a powerful rhythmic. ‘Nothing More’ is pure classic rock’n’roll, energetic and far from being out of fashion even today. The bass sound is still incredibly up to date. And Jack proves all his dexterity during a cool solo.
‘I’m A King Bee’ is a dazzling cover of the blues standard. It is transformed here into a rock’n’roller and even hard rock fury. The guitars are raw and Jack’s voice is full of whiskey and sweat. How to resist the riff of ‘Dealing Your Love’? A fast, rockin’ bluesy title on which the trio shows itself welded and intractable. They are only three and make noise like ten.

‘Waiting For The Show’ has live audience mix but it’s a studio recording. The atmosphere here is more soul, rhythm’n’blues and rock’n’roll. An excellent chorus, catchy and invigorating. ‘Rock Gutter’ welcomes us with its heavy rhythm, its clear guitars then it is an electric torrent which strikes us. Here also, impossible to resist to an unstoppable chorus. Pure rock’n’roll.
A bass as heavy as a penitentiary door, a wah wah guitar as solid as a rock, this is ‘King Size Killer’. A rock at the limit of the hard rock. Fast, furious, urgent and with an aggressive and abrupt solo. ‘Trying So Hard’ is a blues that slows down the rhythm – a bit like AC/DC’s Ride On. Jack Bon also excels on slide.
‘Far From Town’ is a hard rock blues, agitated and closes the album on a furious and frenetic rhythm. One will note the nice intervention of a bluesy harmonica.

“Full Speed Ahead” makes justice to its title: a homogeneous and energetic LP of classic rock. The album remains today as a favorite from the French ’70s rock scene.
Highly Recommended


01 – Full Speed Ahead
02 – Nothing More
03 – I’m A King Bee
04 – Dealing Your Love
05 – Waiting For The Show
06 – Rock Gutter
07 – King Size Killer
08 – Trying So Hard
09 – Far From Town
10 – Far From Town (Live)
11 – Nothing More (Live)
12 – I’m A King Bee (Live)
13 – King Size Killer (Live)

Jack Bon – guitars, vocals
Jean-Yves Astier – bass, vocals
Bernard Antoine – drums, percussion
Fabienne Shaking Street, Robert Piazza – backing vocals



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