COLOSSAL STREET JAM – No Way To Live (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

COLOSSAL STREET JAM - No Way To Live (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

COLOSSAL STREET JAM is a 5-piece band based out of Red Bank, NJ, that plays a late ’70s / early ’80s style brand of infectious and melodic rock and roll. The guys have toured with the likes of Deep Purple, Zebra, Kings X, Sebastian Bach, etc, so expect top quality into their music.
Now 2023 Colossal Street Jam are ready to release their brand new album “No Way To Live“, a wonderful slice of classic rock plenty of energy. Mix the gritty, soulful vocals of Gene Potts with the guitar fire of Sal Marra, the pulsing bass of Anthony Flora, the war-hammer drums of Dave Halpern, and the one man festival that is Eric Safka on keys, and you get Colossal Street Jam.
With synergistic reminiscences to the glory days of ‘real rock’ plenty of swagger, this is the type of rock n’ roll we need on the radio.

With “No Way To Live” Colossal Street Jam provide us that ‘Tom Cruise’ moment to get us dancing around the house in our underwear literally saying this is ‘no way to live’. And it isn’t.
But Colossal Street Jam gives us an alternative, however virtual, to rock through this. And it’s brilliant.
Highly Recommended


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01 – No Way To Live
02 – Seconds
03 – Hey!
04 – Morning Light
05 – Before I Sleep Again
06 – Look It Here
07 – My Fight, Alone
08 – Dancing In Place
09 – Big Trouble
10 – Nothing Like It
11 – Songbird (Reprise)

Vocals – Gene Potts
Guitar – Sal Marra
Bass – Anthony Flora
Drums – Dave Halpern
Keyboards, Hammond – Eric Safka



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