ROXANNE – Roxanne ’88 [digitally remastered + Japan edition bonus tracks] HQ *Exclusive*

ROXANNE - Roxanne '88 [digitally remastered + Japan edition bonus tracks] HQ *Exclusive* - lossless full

With the new, third album ROXANNE album featured here few days ago, some you asked as well for their celebrated 1988’s melodic rock debut album, the self-titled “Roxanne“.
Here’s the remastered version released some time ago, also included with Roxanne’s 2018 comeback second album ‘Radio Silence’ into a Ultimate Fan Bundle through Rat Pak Records. The reissue of ”Roxanne” first album includes 4 bonus tracks.
But wait, 0dayrox always give you more: the album “Roxanne” was released in Japan back in the ’80s with the title ”Burning Through The Night” and featuring 2 exclusive tracks for the Asian market, two songs ROXANNE wrote & recorded for the soundtrack of the martial arts movie “Peacock King” – the theme song ‘Burning Through The Night’, and movie end titles ‘My Way’.
Additionally, oddly, this remastered CD reissue omits one of the original album tracks, which we added here.

ROXANNE was founded in the mid-Eighties by vocalist Jamie Brown and bass player Joe Infante in Riverside, California. Roxanne plays partying American melodic hard rock music at it’s finest with cleverly well written songs and excellent musicianship. The difference with other bands from the genre is their sense of fun adding to their hard rockin’ tunes some kind of ‘go to the dancefloor’ vibe that makes tap your foot.

They extensively did the local club circuit, and in one gig a Scotti Bros executive saw their potential and quickly signed them. The band wrote two songs for a Japanese movie, and then the label pushed the recording of debut album.
“Roxanne” was finely produced by Geoff Workman (Journey, Foreigner) in 1986 however the album was not immediately released wolrd-wide. First it was published only in Japan at the beginning of 1988 entitled “Burning Through The Night”, including that early 2-track soundtrack recording session.

Then several months later the CD was released in the other side of the globe (pressed in Germany as Scotti Bros used to do) simply as “Roxanne”, with different artwork, tracklist order and discarding the Asian opening tracks being replaced by “Not The Same” and a rockin’ cover of the disco/soul song “Play That Funky Music (White Boy)”. The CD back cover presents several print errors such as first track name “Nothing To Loose” instead of “Lose”, and stating the release year as 1986.

The band and specially singer Jamie Brown have a story that deserves to be told. Jamie born to be an entertainer. Roxanne played mostly original material, with a few choice dance covers (“Play That Funky Music” amongst them). Then during one gig presenting the album, for a Halloween prank the band donned elastic stretch Afro wigs, platform shoes and polyester pants, dubbed itself the Boogie Knights, and played nothing but KC and the Sunshine Band hits.
The disco show was an instant smash, and the prank quickly turned into serious business. The phone does not stop ringing asking for Boogie Knights presentations, dozen times more than Roxanne shows.

So Jamie dissolved Roxanne and set up an entertainment franchise called Perfect World which started managing the Knights, and nowadays is a successful company of look-alike/sound-alike disco, classic rock and metal tribute acts.
Perhaps you have heard about Metal Shop, a kitsch Glam Metal band also known as Danger Kitty. Well, Jamie Brown-Perfect World are behind them, with 8 different line-ups spread all throughout the US performing hundreds of shows annually.
One of these ended up being the act now known as Steel Panther…

Stories aside, many years after Roxanne’s first CD release, the album has been remastered by Jamie Brown via his Sunnymead Records and available for fans for a short period of time. Fortunately, it was re-pressed on occassion of ROXANNE’s comeback in 2018.
This is not just ‘another remaster’, there’s a really improvement in sound.

So you have here the best “Roxanne” collection available; the 1988 album remastered, bonus tracks, and the Japan-only extras.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


“Roxanne 1988” remastered
01 – Nothin’ To Loose
02 – Sweet Maria
03 – Cherry Bay
04 – Can’t Stop Thinking
05 – Do It All
06 – Stay With Me
07 – Not The Same
08 – Over You
09 – Days Like Today (1989 Demo) [bonus track]
10 – Man In The Moon (1990 Demo) [bonus track]
11 – Looks Like Rain (Live, Las Vegas, NV 1991) [bonus track]
12 – Play That Funky Music
13 – Can’t Stop Thinking (Remix) [bonus track]

0dayrox Extras:
14 – Burning Through The Night [Japan only track]
15 – My Way [Japan only track]
16 – Roxanne – Coming For You (original release track)

Vocals – Jamie Brown
Guitar – John Butler
Bass – Joe Infante
Drums – David Landry
Produced by Geoff Workman



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