VAMP LE STAT – Bloodline ’93 (Expanded and Remastered Edition +5)

VAMP LE STAT - Bloodline '93 (Expanded and Remastered Edition +5) - full

VAMP LE STAT formed in the very early ’90s and performed the Californian circuit, also Canada. In 1992, experienced guitarist Jeff Jones (St. Elmo’s Fire, Gowan) joined the band and that is when they recorded and released the extremely limited pressing of 2,000 copies for ”Bloodline” in 1993, their debut CD. Of course, it became a collectors piece over the years.
However some time ago Retrospect Records reissued the album, but soon after Jeff Jones put out this, his own remaster of ”Bloodline” with additional 5 bonus tracks. Being a studio wizard as well, Jones obtained an amazing quality with this remastering.
Please apply the ‘don’t judge the album by a cover art’ here: VAMP LE STAT wasn’t your ordinary indie hard rock band: this group rocks with killer musicianship, elaborated arrangements, and the album has a crisp, top class production.
This is extremely well-crafted hard rock with melody akin SKID ROW, BABYLON A.D., WILDSIDE, SPREAD EAGLE, and a little dark undertones at times ala LYNCH MOB.

“Bitch” is a smokin’ underground classic, a rocker full of charm & swagger. “Guns For Hire” kills with its melting riff, “Chain Around My Heart” even adds a progressive touch to its heaviness, and “She’s Not In Love” is a phenomenal ballad.
The bonus tracks, alternate mixes are well worth to listen to, as example, the reference mix of “Swing Child” is better than the original album version in our opinion.
If appeared a few years before, VAMP LE STAT would have been huge. Believe me.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Madame Blue (remastered)
02 – Swing Child (remastered)
03 – Bitch (remastered)
04 – She’s Not in Love Anymore (remastered)
05 – Guns 4 Hire (remastered)
06 – Chain Around My Heart (remastered)
07 – Madame Blue (reference mix)
08 – Swing Child (reference mix)
09 – She’s Not in Love Anymore (reference mix)
10 – Guns 4 Hire (reference mix)
11 – Chain Around My Heart (reference mix)

Jimmy Tuttle – lead vocals, guitar
Jeff Jones – electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, tambourine
Brian Boozer- bass, vocals, keys, tambourine, big chain
Brett Blackburn – drums, vocals



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