ANTHRAX – State Of Euphoria 30th Anniversary Edition [2-disc Japan SHM-CD] *HQ*

ANTHRAX - State Of Euphoria 30th Anniversary Edition [2-disc Japan SHM-CD] HQ *Exclusive* - full

As requested, here’s ANTHRAX release celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their album “State Of Euphoria” with this 2-disc ”Deluxe 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition”, newly remastered by drummer Charlie Benante including a bonus CD of previously unreleased outtakes. This Japanese edition pressed on high quality SHM-CD is sold out now.
After more than three decades Anthrax’s “State of Euphoria” continues to captivate listeners with its fierce energy and thought-provoking lyrics, showcasing the band’s raw talent and unique style. Standout tracks like the popular Trust cover of “Antisocial,” “Be All, End All,” and “Who Cares Wins,” demonstrate Anthrax’s ability to blend aggression with intelligence and catchy headbang hooks.

Disc One of the 30th anniversary edition feature the remastered edition of the original album and B-side bonus tracks, plus a live version of “Antisocial” recorded in 1989 at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.
Disc Two, meanwhile, is billed as “Charlie’s Archives”, and features drummer Charlie Benante taking the listener back to the creative process of State of Euphoria through recordings of demos, rehearsal sessions and more.

Benante, who oversaw the 30th anniversary edition, said, “We recorded everything back then. We would sit in the rehearsal room with a little two-track machine record everything we did in rehearsal while we were putting the songs together.”

The special edition 2 SHM-CD set comes complete with a 20-page booklet that will take you right back to the time of the album’s release, with an essay, lyrics, and more. In addition to the original album’s artwork that includes the Mort Drucker-drawn (Mad magazine) back cover, the anniversary package includes never before seen personal snapshots of the band members, tour admats/posters, plus two ANTHRAX magazine covers, all culled from that 1988-1989 period.
For the booklet, the band enlisted British journalist Alexander Milas, former editor-in-chief of Metal Hammer, to write the sleeve notes.
Highly Recommended


UICY~15804/5 【SHM-CD】

Disc 1
01 – Be All, End All
02 – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
03 – Make Me Laugh
04 – Antisocial (Trust Cover)
05 – Who Cares Wins
06 – Now It’s Dark
07 – Schism
08 – Misery Loves Company
09 – 13
10 – Finale
11 – Antisocial (French Version)
12 – Friggin’ In The Riggin’
13 – Parasite
14 – Le Sects
15 – Pipeline
16 – Antisocial (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)


Disc 2
01 – Be All, End All (Charlie Benante Demo)
02 – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (Charlie Benante Demo)
03 – Make Me Laugh (Charlie Benante Demo)
04 – Antisocial (Charlie Benante Demo)
05 – Who Cares Wins (Charlie Benante Demo)
06 – Now It’s Dark (Charlie Benante Demo)
07 – Schism (Charlie Benante Demo)
08 – Misery Loves Company (Charlie Benante Demo)
09 – Finale (Charlie Benante Demo)

Joey Belladonna – lead vocals
Dan Spitz – lead guitar, backing vocals
Scott Ian – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Frank Bello – bass, backing vocals
Charlie Benante – drums
Carol Freedman – cello


Sold out

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