PLANET X – Anthology [4-CD Digipak remastered] (2023) *HQ*

PLANET X - Anthology [4-CD Digipak remastered] (2023) *HQ* - full

The long-awaited re-release of the entire PLANET X catalog has finally arrived, in the form of one lavishly bundled digipak titled “Anthology“. This 4-CD set has been remastered by legendary drummer Simon Phillips.
Progressive Metal music has been done by many, but honestly mastered by few. A delicate balance of knowing how far to go, bands like Dream Theater are clear masters of the genre. A band features a cast of musicians through the decades, among them was keyboardist Derek Sherinian who had a memorable tenure. Joining up back 1994 as a touring member, by 1995 he was an official member, and this period lasted through into 1999. In this time Sherinian was a key contributor and appeared on 1997’s Falling into Infinity.
Departing from Dream Theater, Sherinian quickly started a new project, it was called PLANET X. A strictly instrumental band best described as Metal fusion, Sherinian and drummer Virgil Donati led the cast with a revolving door of outstanding musicians which included accomplished players such as shredders Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed (Nelson), Dave LaRue (Flying Colors), Alex Machacek, bass masters Tom Kennedy (Pandora), Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big) and many more.

All musicians involved offer something different to the mix, in a span of seven years Planet X delivered three studio albums; Universe (2000), Moonbabies (2002) and Quantum (2006), plus a terrific live recording: Live From Oz (2002).
Now not active for twelve years, Planet X still remains one who is remembered fondly by fans of Progressive Metal. With that, the band are re-releasing their entire collection as part of a 4-CD collection simply entitled ”Anthology”.

Released via their own record label, the “Anthology” set features their entire catalog in one place – each is re-mastered by longtime Sherinian collaborator, and a highly respected musician in his own right, Simon Phillips.
First album “Universe (2000)” never sounded good, it was somewhat muddy. Phillips tried to obtain more clarity, but some parts, especially cymbals, still feel cheap. The other 3 albums sound great, the remaster has made them powerful.

A total of 240 minutes of music, you get a chance to sit back and enjoy the innovative soundscape Planet X all together. And if are not a fan, yet curious, it is a fusion of Metal, Progressive, Fusion, Funk, Rock – all in one place.
A truly must have for fans of Planet X, maybe the coolest thing about this music is it is not on any streaming service like Spotify. Yes, that is right, if you want to hear these songs you actually have to put in some effort and pick up a physical copy… imagine that!
A great pickup for progressive Rock lovers.
Highly Recommended


Disc 1: Universe (2000)
01 – Clonus
02 – Her Animal
03 – Dog Boots
04 – Bitch
05 – King Of The Universe
06 – Inside Black
07 – Europa
08 – Warfinger
09 – Chocolate
10 – Pods Of Trance
11 – 2116


Disc 2: Live From Oz (2002)
01 – Ignotus Per Ignotum (Live From Oz)
02 – Inside Black (Live From Oz)
03 – Dog Boots (Live From Oz)
04 – Apocalypse 1470 BC (Live From Oz)
05 – Sea Of Antiquity (Live From Oz)
06 – Lost Island (Live From Oz)
07 – Derek Sherinian Solo (Live From Oz)
08 – Warfinger (Live From Oz)
09 – Virgil Donati Solo (Live From Oz)
10 – Warfinger (Reprise) (Live From Oz)
11 – Tony Macalpine Solo (Live From Oz)
12 – Her Animal (Live From Oz)
13 – Europa (Live From Oz)
14 – Pods Of Trance (Live From Oz)
15 – Clonus (Live From Oz)


Disc 3: Moonbabies (2002)
01 – Moonbabies
02 – The Noble Savage
03 – Ataraxia
04 – 70 Vir
05 – Micronesia
06 – Interlude In Milan
07 – Digital Vertigo
08 – Ground Zero
09 – Midnight Bell
10 – Ignotus Per Ignotum


Disc 4: Quantum (2006)
01 – Alien Hip Hop
02 – Desert Girl
03 – Matrix Gate
04 – The Thinking Stone
05 – Space Foam
06 – Poland
07 – Snuff
08 – Kingdom Of Dreams
09 – Quantum Factor

Derek Sherinian – keyboards
Virgil Donati – drums
Alex Machacek – guitar
Dave LaRue – bass
Tony MacAlpine – guitar
Brett Garsed – guitar
Tom Kennedy – bass
Ric Fierabracci – bass
Rufus Philpot – bass
Billy Sheehan – bass
Allan Holdsworth – guitar



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