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Ten years ago, ALIEN, one of the greatest European AOR acts in history, returned in full force giving birth to one of the best albums from the genre in recent times: “Eternity“. Yes, it’s not exaggerated; originally released through AOR Heaven Records, Alien’s “Eternity” is pure gold. This Japanese edition – sold out now – includes 3 bonus tracks.
The most influential Swedish AOR ever and patriarch of all the superb movement in Scandinavia for the genre, Alien was the key band at the end of the ’80s until they quit in the mid-Nineties, bar a brief reunion in 2005. That looked to be it until 2010 when they reformed and played a storming set at Firefest in 2011.

The band’s standout, aside from the quality songs, is out-of-this-world vocalist Jim Jidhed who has kept his vocals intact sounding as terrific as ever. The good thing is he can recreate the magic from the studio on the stage.
Mind you, not to be outdone guitarist Tony Borg whips up some epic solos on songs like “Love Will Lead Me Home”, but to be honest, all members are fantastic with their own instrument.

ALIEN - Eternity [Japanese Edition] (2014) booklet

ALIEN - Eternity [Japanese Edition] (2014) back cover

Fans of pure, classic AOR / Melodic Rock will be spoilt for choice on this record from the Journey-like refrains of “Unbroken” through to “In Love We Trust”, a lesson to other bands how AOR should be done.
Of course there have to be ballads and “I Believe” would have Richard Marx all in a lather if he had penned it.

Alien stick to what they are good at and have produced an album here that will delight classic AOR muisc fans.
“Eternity” was mentioned on many ‘best of’ lists when released, and at this point, this easily could be considered not only an Alien classic, but also classic for the genre in general.


Bicklee Music Japan

01 – In Love We Trust
02 – Unbroken
03 – Love Will Lead Me Home
04 – I Believe
05 – Summer Of Love
06 – What Goes Up
07 – I’m A Fighter
08 – Wildheart
09 – Liar, Liar
10 – Look At Us Now
11 – Burning Heart
12 – In Truth
Bonus Tracks for Japan:
13 – Introduction (by Jim Jidhed)
14 – Ready To Fly
15 – Eternity (instrumental)

Jim Jidhed – Vocals
Tony Borg – Guitar
Jimmy Wandroph – Keyboards
Ken Sandin – Bass
Toby Tarrach – Drums


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